Current time in Adelaide South Australia

Welcome to Adelaide, South Australia!

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia.

The current time in Adelaide and South Australia is:

Information about Daylight Savings Time can be found on the Daylight Savings Time South Australia 2015 page.


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Adelaide Car Rental Companies

A map is embedded at Adelaide Car Rental Companies showing city and inner city car rental companies.


Car hire Adelaide tips and pitfalls
Types of car insurance – what car insurance suits you?
What does comprehensive car insurance cover?


Adelaide bottle and can recycling

Some Adelaide bottle and can recycling depots are listed on the Adelaide bottle and can recycling page. Some brief history about the container deposit is mentioned as well.

Featured South Australia Tourism Posts

Visit South Australia, Australia
Visit South Australia, Australia

Visit South Australia, Australia! South Australia offers renowned food, wine and wilderness regions to visit. Here is a brief travel guide for when you visit South Australia, Australia.

Travel insurance in Australia
Travel insurance in Australia

Here are some general tips for when you buy travel insurance in Australia. Claims are usually made for cancellations of all or part of their travel, expensive medical incidents, or for lost or stolen baggage or personal belongings. There are a range of factors related to these types of claims…

Adelaide, South Australia weather

A general look at Adelaide, South Australia climate, temperatures and weather extremes and patterns is presented on the South Australia climate and weather page.

Pie floater Adelaide

The number one question for tourists and locals alike is: Where to get a pie floater in Adelaide? There are a few places listed in the link you just saw.

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Video: Straya! Yes it's the viral video sweeping the world.

Warning: One should never punch kangaroos to shock them into leaving a dog alone. And always wear "safety gear" downstairs for when they kick :)
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Most Aussie thing ever?

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Photo: Relaxing on the beach at Emu Bay, #SeeSouthAustralia, #Australia. ... See MoreSee Less

Just the car, the beach and a whole lot of relaxation - @kaptainkirky (via Instagram) doing Sundays right at Authentic Kangaroo Island's Emu Bay 🌊 #SeeSouthAustralia

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A very small number of businesses in #SouthAustralia have so far taken advantage of last year's "tax cuts" for stamp duty. However, businesses still find SA to be less than competitive because of other excessive taxes (e.g. payroll tax, ESL, etc), excessive electricity bills (with added cost blowouts due to blackouts), and so on. Turbo Tom still isn't fooling anyone and has a very long way to go yet before anyone can seriously consider SA to be competitive for business.

It was widely predicted last year that only a small number of businesses would take advantage of the stamp duty cuts. The state government has done some modelling which means they've spun the figures a bit. Here's the latest propaganda story about the topic -
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Webcam photos: Christmas tree, with the lights on as of tonight, in Victoria Square, #Adelaide, #SouthAustralia, #Australia. ... See MoreSee Less

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