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Welcome to Adelaide, South Australia!

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia.

The current time in Adelaide and South Australia is:

Information about Daylight Savings Time can be found on the Daylight Savings Time South Australia 2015 page.


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Adelaide Car Rental Companies

A map is embedded at Adelaide Car Rental Companies showing city and inner city car rental companies.


Car hire Adelaide tips and pitfalls
Types of car insurance – what car insurance suits you?
What does comprehensive car insurance cover?


Adelaide bottle and can recycling

Some Adelaide bottle and can recycling depots are listed on the Adelaide bottle and can recycling page. Some brief history about the container deposit is mentioned as well.

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Visit South Australia, Australia

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Travel insurance in Australia

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Adelaide, South Australia weather

A general look at Adelaide, South Australia climate, temperatures and weather extremes and patterns is presented on the South Australia climate and weather page.

Pie floater Adelaide

The number one question for tourists and locals alike is: Where to get a pie floater in Adelaide? There are a few places listed in the link you just saw.

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Right on cue, just as predicted early this morning, the inevitable right-wing Murdoch/ABC/Liberal lies that renewables are to blame have begun, when this has been discredited previously. If renewables were not there to blame then greed and infrastructure neglect would be all that's left to blame. They wouldn't dream of doing that.

The fact is that SA is decades behind in its infrastructure, long before renewables came along. That infrastructure and an extra interconnector needed to be sorted out many years ago.

And now we wait to see what laughs News Corporation's drivel gives us before the real experts tell us what actually was to blame much more.'s-reputation:-uhlmann/7888290
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#SAStorms is, quite naturally, trending big time on Twitter. How embarrassing but not because of the weather. See previous post for more about the power outages and Twitter jokes. ... See MoreSee Less

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Selfie during #AdelaideStorm #SouthAustralia #SAPowerOutage #SAStorms #SABlackouts #ClassActionLawsuit #BabyBoomToCome :)

Despite the lies that will inevitably come from right-wing media, Wednesday's power shenanigans show more than ever that SA urgently needs several solar power plants that use overnight storage technologies to power tens of thousands of homes. 10+ hours without power is third world given the rip off power prices!

It's time to wake up SA and demand action over price gouging and neglected infrastructure!
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Daylight Savings begins this weekend in #SouthAustralia at 2am on Sunday, October 2. Bah humbug! :) ... See MoreSee Less

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Meanwhile in the #Adelaide Hills ... a pesky fence gets in the way of a baby koala. So Mum has to come to the rescue. ... See MoreSee Less

"Hold on love, mum's coming". Check out this amazing video of a mummy koala coming to the rescue of its baby, attempting to scale a fence. We really do have the most amazing wildlife in South Australia. Video courtesy of The Farm Barn, in Hahndorf, Visit Adelaide Hills

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