Whale watching tours South Australia

Whale watching tours South Australia

Whale watching tours South Australia

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There are whale watching and sightseeing tours and spots across South Australia from Victor Harbour to Fowlers Bay. Check out local information next time you are in a whale watching area in the state and spend some money there. It is good for the local economy and you will see something that is hard to see almost anywhere else in Australia. Here is a brief introduction for where to find out more online.

I was reading over the weekend about the sort of ridiculous red tape and its high cost in this state that saw a couple of caravan park owners give up on plans to build an ecotourism resort. These types of business do not receive anywhere near enough promotion from tourism organisations despite the state government wanting to boost tourism. More about that caravan park and lack of promotion is in the Sunday Mail, p59, also at Tourism awards takedown – so where did it go wrong?, Laine Anderson on 14/2/16.

The caravan park owners also do whale watching tours at Fowlers Bay. Here is a sample of videos about Fowlers Bay Eco Tours.


Website: Fowlers Bay Eco Tours

Facebook: Fowlers Bay Eco Caravan Park


SA Life, description and video at Fowlers Bay Whales.

YouTube: Fowlers Bay Eco Park and Tours presented by Peter Bellingham Photography (embedded below in small size for mobile readers).


More information about other whale watching locations in South Australia is at the National Parks South Australia Whale Watching page.

YouTube: Tour Victor Harbor, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia (another popular whale watching spot with a whale centre seen at the start of the video below).

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