Visit South Australia, Australia

Visit South Australia, Australia

Visit South Australia, Australia

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Visit South Australia which offers renowned food, wine and wilderness regions. Here is a brief travel guide for when you visit South Australia, Australia. Videos and an interactive Google map is presented below. These are presented in a size suitable for phone viewing. Desktop computer users can click the option for a larger screen or to watch on YouTube in a larger size.

South Australia tourist attractions

Have a look through some of the posts in this tourism section about South Australia. You will find just a tiny snapshot of some of the places to visit and things to do in South Australia.

There is Kangaroo Island, the Buddha statue at Sellicks Beach, wildlife parks like Cleland and also Gorge Wildlife Park, top scuba diving spots, famous beaches like Glenelg Beach and much more.

It is when you go further away from the capital city of Adelaide that you will find great wilderness and wine regions. There are also whale watching and cage shark diving tours as well in popular regional areas. Some of these are shown in videos below. You can read more through the links below these videos.

Wine regions

South Australia has some world renowned wine regions including the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale. Here is a YouTube video featuring the Barossa Valley. A video of the Clare Valley is after that.

Clean beaches

Feel like surfing? What about walking along clean beaches? Fancy buying local food at a market? You have got to visit the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia!


Try the Flinders Ranges on for size? Here is some YouTube video. It is an episode of a TV show that gives you a tiny insight as to what you will see there.

Cage shark diving

Warning! This will give you nightmares! If you are up for a bit of cage shark diving then Port Lincoln is the place to go. Here is one of many recent YouTube videos showing this popular tourist attraction in South Australia. You can also swim with sea lions in different parts of South Australia as this video shows to start of with.

Here is a Playlist of more cage shark diving videos from recent months.

This page could go on and on with more and more examples. The best thing to do is visit South Australia and see for yourself!


South Australia tourism information

Australia travel tips for backpackers and other tourists are in the Australia section of this website. Some links are below and more are presented in those posts.

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External websites with South Australian tourism information

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