Victoria Square (Tarndanyangga) Adelaide skateboarding video

Victoria Square (Tarndanyangga) Adelaide skateboarding video

Victoria Square (Tarndanyangga) Adelaide skateboarding video

| By: Sebastian | 1 Comment on Victoria Square (Tarndanyangga) Adelaide skateboarding video

Victoria Square (Tarndanyangga) in Adelaide was redeveloped in 2014. It may appear quite barren to some people but it quickly became a skateboarding dream for other people. Here is a current skateboarding video showing how the square is used today by some people.

This skateboarding on new seating and walls is probably is not really what the council had in mind? But what do you think of the square and how people use it (yoga, skateboarding, and so on)? Post a comment at the bottom of this page?

Read more about this video at the Knobby’s Victoria Square clip forum discussion topic.

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  1. Paul  - 20/05/2015 - 8:53 pm
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    Bravo Adelaide City Council. this is a fantastic thing for the square and Adelaide. it brings LIFE! people have something to look at whilst enjoying the sun and the square. no one wants a boring place that isn’t used like the rest of the squares in Adelaide. please persist and compare to the other squares and you will see that this works.

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