Public gardens in Adelaide to get married or tour

Public gardens in Adelaide to get married or tour

Public gardens in Adelaide to get married or tour

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Public gardens in Adelaide to get married or tour

This is a small list of public gardens in Adelaide to get married or tour. Some are quite popular because they are tourism attractions while others are less heard of.

Botanic parks

Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens – internal site page with basic guide.

Botanic Gardens of Adelaide – internal site page with basic guide.

A tourism web site offers a page about the Wittunga Botanic Garden in Shepherds Hill Rd, Blackwood.

Adelaide Himeji Gardens on South Terrace has a Japanese theme. This generally can be used for weddings or tours.

Video of Himeji Gardens

Veale Gardens on South Terrace has roses galore and also the Adelaide Pavilion restaurant and function centre. Note that it is generally considered to be an unsafe area to visit at night, except at the function centre.

The above two gardens are shown on the map below.



Historical Adelaide houses for weddings, garden tours

You may be able to hold a wedding here but contact the management to check. There are sometimes garden tours available and here are the web sites for more information. These are just a few examples.

There are also others that are up in the hills that may be suitable for weddings. The gardens of historic Beaumont House is an example.

Other places

Waterfall Gully has a small restaurant that is sometimes used for weddings and the backdrop is a waterfall as the name suggests.

Stockade Botanical Park on Hoods Road, Walkley Heights is a place for small weddings or just a peaceful walk.

Believe it or not, cemeteries are even becoming places for weddings now. There is a thought if you are looking for a unique place to be wed? A recent example:, Adelaide couple weds at North Brighton Cemetery on Halloween, 3/11/2014.

Open Gardens

For general garden tours there is an Open Gardens SA tourist attraction in Adelaide. The South Australia calendar will give you information on who has their garden open for tours at any given time. Many of them are open during the months with warmer weather rather than during the winter months.

Do you know of any others that you like or have heard are good places for a wedding or garden tour? Post a comment below with the name(s).

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