Greenhills Adventure Park closing in 2016

Greenhills Adventure Park closing in 2016

Greenhills Adventure Park closing in 2016

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Greenhills Adventure Park will close in May 2016 after nearly 34 years in operation, according to a story in The Advertiser on Saturday.

Apparently some property developers bought the land in 2009, leased it to the park, and will close it next year. The Victor Harbor Times said last week in Greenhills Adventure Park to close on May 1, 2016 that the closing date will be May 1st, 2016. Developers have been selling blocks of land there for a year already. The Advertiser quoted one of the operators who said that electricity and water bill increases have made it harder in the last three years. It seems like the right time for them to bring the good times to an end, they suggest.

Margaret and Bill McKenzie, along with Rosemary and Tom Builder, started Greenhills in 1982. I went there as a teenager and also later found sneaky ways in for free. Whether or not I took advantage of that knowledge is something that I will forever keep to myself I guess 🙂 But other people also found these ways in so I am not alone in that. The park did not really have a lot to offer in my experience so I usually went for a ride on the BMX track and then on the water slide. I tried the so-called go-karts once but they were boringly slow and I never bothered again. But obviously I enjoyed some of what the park offered or I would not have gone back there a few more times.

It will be a shame to see it go. Sadly, such is the nature of the high-cost state that we live in where property developers, big supermarket chains and various levels of government are squeezing small to medium sized enterprises out of business. There will be nothing left at the rate we are going?

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