Supermarket grocery shopping education campaign?

Supermarket grocery shopping education campaign?

Supermarket grocery shopping education campaign?

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Supermarket grocery shopping education campaign?

Supermarket grocery shopping bores men and tries to fool women? Are you sick of parasitic supermarkets when you do grocery shopping? Want more choice and better quality for around the same price or less? It is the supermarket grocery shopping education campaign we need to have because it is just not getting through? Consumers have the collective power but they are refusing to exercise that. Maybe it is price over quality? Well they need to look further than their nose? Quality can be found for around the same price. Why would you bother with a supermarket for food in that case?

The Walkerville IGA is an example of the locally owned exception to the rule I am outlining here. They recently shut up shop because it could not compete with the competition across the road (a certain greedy nationwide chain). This has also happened to countless independent family food businesses in recent years. If only the “Islamophobes” would put all of their energies into an education campaign about buying local food from independent shops? Would Australia not be a better place if they did? Would local farmers and fruit and vegetable growers not benefit more? The ethical choice is to almost avoid supermarkets altogether. The only products left to buy from them is non-perishables and then only from Foodland and any other locally owned supermarkets and mini-marts.

You are looking for food that is marked as a “Product of Australia” rather than all this other nonsense you see in the supermarkets (Australian grown with a sticker from overseas, Australian made with imported ingredients, and so on). The only way to be certain that you are getting a product of Australia is to buy local. At least you can ask the grower at a market to tell you more about how they grew what they are selling and what chemicals it may have been sprayed with (not that they would always answer the latter).

I have previously outlined my supermarket shopping plan in ALDI to open supermarket stores in South Australia. There I provided tips on where to shop (not just Aldi Adelaide). See if you agree with that general plan? If more people followed it and the suggestions in the article links below then South Australia’s economy may fare much better? We need a supermarket grocery shopping education campaign to help people see all this?

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Update 4/5/15:

Did you know that there is absolutely no reason at all to buy food at a supermarket? You might roll your eyes or facepalm until you actually think about it. Most of the food that is on offer there can be found locally elsewhere in better quality and at a more realistic price.

Here are just a few of the local shops that try to source much of their food locally. Others can be found in the Adelaide Hills and Barossa and Southern Vales. The following suggestions come from this site’s Facebook readers. Ask your local independent shop where they source the ingredients from for the food products they make and the same for where they procure their fresh produce.

  • Gourmet Sausage Shop in the city;
  • Bower Rd Butchers at Ethelton;
  • Chook Chook And Seafood and the corner Deli at the Springvale Shopping Centre Craigmore;
  • The butcher at Craigmore get their meat local (Gawler River Cattle Co);
  • Bob The Butcher at the Elizabeth Park shopping centre;
  • Farmer Joe’s Fresh Food Barn in the Port.

Anne said today on Facebook:

I get gobsmacked when people come into a great place like the central market or the Central Market Arcade and with all that cheese and fruit and vegetables and that bread and wonderful tucker someone always asks where the supermarket is? Not that there is anything the matter with Coles or Woollies as they have their place and employ people but the real tomatoes that smell real are at the little mum and dad fruit stand and the supermarkets have interstate or overseas products usually. It is IGA and Foodland that have SA products.

Also, tonight on ‘4 Corners’, there is an expose of the slave labour in farms and food processing factories. This will not come as any surprise to anyone who has worked in these industries. It is mostly migrants being exploited by the 417 visa and there is a claim on the show tonight that some are working 22 hours straight for less than $4 an hour. The push for maximum supermarket profits, plus labour hire companies creaming money off the top, is pushing wages down.

Mind you, this has been going on for decades. People may recall that even Aussie citizens have worked in local places that underpay. Who remembers the “good old days” picking grapes in McLaren Vale for 40 hours a week only to come away with $200-250 a week if they were lucky? Very little has changed there if recent media stories are any indication? There used to be combined CentreStink and immigration raids at McLaren Vale. And it has been going on in fruit processing factories just the same, by the way. The government has known about slave labour in Australia for decades and they have done nothing to stop it.

Now that we have had a reminder from ‘4 Corners’ about slave labour in Australia, ask your local independent food retailer where their food comes from (if the labelling is not clear) and whether they know if the workers are paid correctly. Many will have no idea so do some investigation then before you buy from them again. Sometimes local is not always ethical, sadly.

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  1. Eric  - 17/07/2015 - 7:32 pm
    Reply /

    Having just moved from Victor Harbor to Strathalbyn to get away from hussle and bussle of traffic and shopping conditions,I have now found that the same ever bigger problem is about to hit both areas with the big bullies making a blot on our lovely locations.
    ALDI Australia, Coles and Bunnings are each hoping to build megastores for two new shopping precincts on Adelaide Road, Victor Harbor. This sounds OK but the land is marked as residential and both sites are half a Kilometer from each and over a 4 Kilo from the main shopping centre and then Foodland 5 Kilo. What a mess helped by the politicians and this what they are trying to do to good OLD Strathalbyn.

    • Sebastian  - 17/07/2015 - 10:06 pm
      Reply /

      It’s unfortunate but it’s the same in the city of course. Masters pushed a small family owned hardware store out of business indirectly when customers went there because prices are lower. It’s happening all over the place and as more people move into the hills and beyond the same thing will happen even more there.

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