South Australian food producers – buy local

South Australian food producers – buy local

South Australian food producers – buy local

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South Australian food producers – buy local

These are some South Australian food producers that you might want to consider buying from. They provide local jobs and do not suck all of their profits out of the SA economy. It is up to you but if you are conscious about keeping your money in South Australia then try these companies.

Benefits of buying local

If we all bought locally made products from locally owned companies then we can have quite an impact on Australia’s Balance of Trade figures and reduce Australia’s debt. We can also create more jobs here and keep money in the local economy, improving our struggling economy as a result.

Local companies

Here is a list of just some of the South Australian food producers that operate and/or sell here. In addition, some of the companies in the list are based interstate but at least they are Australian and sell products here.

  • Aussie Farmers Direct
  • Dick Smith Foods
  • Bickford’s Australia (still an SA company)
  • AussieMite (SA company but made in Victoria)
  • Foodland SA
  • Drake Supermarkets
  • Haighs (chocolates still made in SA)
  • Coopers (beer made in SA)
  • Robern Menz (chocolates, other sweets)
  • Adelaide Mushrooms (based in Monarto)
  • Beerenberg (Hahndorf jam company)
  • Slape & Sons Sausages (based in Newton)

You can find more on the Advantage SA web site along with companies operating in other sectors of the local economy. Similarly, the Food SA web site has more companies listed there.

The value of food in SA

According to some recent news the South Australian food industry’s gross food revenue in 2011/12 was $14.3 billion. The annual SA Food Scorecard 2011-12 Report shows that finished food, food retail and service sales all increased in value by several percent. The same was seen in the wine industry which has experienced an increase in value to just under $2 billion.

Obviously you can not believe government reports at the best of times but if even some of it is true then it shows that during what has been a tough year for businesses there is opportunity to be exploited in the food industry. I know that function centres, restaurants and some food producers and retailers have been less busy this year by comparison to last year, because I have seen it with my own eyes, but more money is still being made.

It is your choice

The food industry is expected to increase in value to $20 billion by 2020. China, United Kingdom and United States are our major markets. There is plenty of opportunity for South Australians to buy local and help create more production and jobs. Yes the cost of local foods is higher than cheaper imported poorer quality foods but it is worth paying the price when possible to keep money in the local economy.

The choice is yours but consider at least replacing your breakfast cereal with an Australian one. Then look at buying bread or jam from local companies when possible. Just those few changes will start to make a difference if we all try to do it. And the extra tax revenue the state government will receive through the food industry might help with that big budget deficit they have now and pay off some debt 🙂


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