Shop trading hours Easter Adelaide 2015

Shop trading hours Easter Adelaide 2015

Shop trading hours Easter Adelaide 2015

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Shop trading hours Easter Adelaide 2015

2016 trading hours: Easter 2016 shop opening hours South Australia.

Shop trading hours Easter Adelaide 2015

These are the shop trading hours for Easter in Adelaide. The Easter 2015 long weekend is from Friday 3rd April to Monday 6th April.

A couple of points below have been updated with much more recent information on 31/3/15. Apologies to traders at the Central Market for the outdated information previously mentioned here. People may post a comment below with updates, well in advance preferably, so that new information can be added as soon as it is available. Another additional update on 3/4/15 is at the end of this post.

Easter eggs and hot cross buns were in the supermarkets straight after Christmas 2014. If you do not have yours by just before Easter then here are the Easter shop trading hours for when you can buy some. This will be updated if additional information is released for some shopping districts.

The basics

Easter Friday (Good Friday): All non-exempt shops and partially exempt shops must not trade.

Easter Saturday: All non-exempt shops across the city and suburbs can trade until 5pm. However, non-exempt shops in proclaimed shopping districts cannot trade on Easter Saturday. Partially exempt shops can trade until 5pm.

Easter Sunday: All non-exempt shops in the CBD, except boat and car dealers, can trade from 11am until 5pm. All others must be closed, except partially exempt shops which can trade from 9am until 5pm on Easter Sunday.

Easter Monday: Non-exempt shops in the CBD, excluding boat and car dealers, can trade on Easter Monday from 11am until 5pm. Non-exempt shops outside the CBD must remain closed on Easter Monday. All partially exempt shops can trade from 9am until 5pm on Easter Monday.


Suburban shopping centres – open on Saturday until 5pm.

Rundle Mall – selected stores may be open until 5pm on Easter Saturday and from 11am to 5pm on each day of Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Central Market – update 31/3/15: Open Saturday 4th April, 2014 from 7am – 3pm. Link: Easter trading hours.

Harbour Town – update 31/3/15:

Thursday, 21 April: 9am to 9pm
Good Friday, 22 April: Closed
Easter Saturday, 23 April: 9am to 5pm
Sunday, 24 April: 11am to 5pm*
Anzac Day, 25 April: Midday to 5pm*
Tuesday, 26 April: 11am to 5pm
* Some retailers may be closed on the public holiday. Link: Easter Opening Hours and Activities.

Owners of exempt shops and those outside of shopping districts can please themselves. Convenience stores and petrol stations who chose to be open will be open all weekend. Some of these are 24/7 shops.

So basically very little will be open apart from Rundle Mall and some of Harbour Town. Welcome to Adelaide, tourists! Sorry, we’re mostly closed! There were social media comments mentioning how “alive” the CBD felt when Rundle Mall was open on the Boxing Day/Proclamation Day public holiday in 2014. It might be quieter during Easter when people take off on vacation? We will see what happens.

Other information

There is a late night chemist, open until midnight, at Jetty Road in Glenelg, called Better Health Pharmacy. This may be open on some days across Easter but ring to check first.

Daylight Savings Time finally ends on Easter weekend. See Daylight Savings Time 2014 South Australia.

Additional update 3/4/2015:

Some garden centres and hardware stores will be open on Easter Saturday. Consult their respective web sites to check to see if they are open on some public holidays and what the opening times are.

Additional update 6/4/15:

For future reference exempt shop examples can be found on the Safework SA Exempt Shops page. Note that not all owners or managers of these stores will choose to be open on some or all Easter public holidays.

Additional update 14/4/15:

Examples of shops that were open on Saturday to Monday at least over Easter in 2015, according to this site’s Facebook page readers:

  • Hardware stores and garden nurseries
  • Many Foodland, IGA, some Drake stores were open, e.g. Para Hills Foodland and Para Vista
  • Glenelg – selected shops
  • Vili’s was open on Main North Road and Cafe De Vili’s. A drive through bakery was open on North East Road
  • Harvey Norman Marion Road was open.

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  1. glen turner  - 06/04/2015 - 9:35 am
    Reply /

    What’s all this ‘exempt’, ‘non-exempt’ rubbish? Who knows who’s exempt and who’s not? The information you have provided is virtually useless!
    Thank you

    • Sebastian  - 06/04/2015 - 4:26 pm
      Reply /

      Retailers know, of course, because it’s the trading hours law. The rest is up to the public to figure out by applying some common sense. I gave some examples in the second part just to help spell it out a bit. Did you bother to read that part at all?

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