Second hand furniture Adelaide

Second hand furniture Adelaide

Second hand furniture Adelaide

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Second hand furniture Adelaide

Second hand furniture in Adelaide is explored here. Some people forget the more unique places to find second hand furniture in Adelaide. Here are a few useful ideas to get you started. Do you know of any others? Post the name(s) in a comment post below if you like because it might help others looking for information?

Most of the mainstream furniture retailers in Adelaide are overpriced so wise people do not shop there unless they really want brand new furniture and do not care about cost. Savvy shoppers try second hand furniture shops and other places like these and I will explain them a bit more below.

  • Cheaps As Chips, Sam’s Warehouse and to an extent Ikea as well;
  • Charities;
  • Mile End Office Furniture and similar stores;
  • Second hand furniture stores like antique stores;
  • Garage sales;
  • Storage unit contents auctions;
  • Public auctions of ex-government and corporate office furniture;
  • Almost any suburb in the Burnside Council area during hard refuse collection days 🙂

With stores like Cheap As Chips you can pick up the basics, like carpet rugs, cupboards and entertainment units. These are cheap enough but the material is not as strong as the overpriced furniture and home decor in the mainstream furniture stores. Often you have to assemble it yourself, too.

Charities offer furniture that has been dumped or dropped off in reasonable condition. They only choose the furniture that is in good condition to sell and the rest is removed. Similarly, second hand furniture stores often snap up good quality second hand furniture from garage sales and deceased estates. They are sometimes old classic furniture items but they were made back in the day when furniture was made properly. Although haggling is considered to be rude in this country, the owner of the store needs to make a living so if you pay cash you might get a discount if you ask for it.

Secondhand office furniture in Adelaide can be found in places like Mile End Office Furniture, public auctions at Evans & Clarke for ex-government office furniture, plus storage unit unpaid fees and abandoned contents auctions. They are all good places for good value second hand ex-government office furniture, ex-corporate office furniture as well as general home furniture. Often you can get better chairs, lounges, cupboards, cabinets and entertainment units in auctions and from retailers of ex-corporate and ex-government furniture. These items are much bigger than the rubbish in regular stores and they are made of better quality material with hardly a scratch on them. They are priced much lower than brand new mainstream furniture store junk and represent far better value for money.

Want a free leather lounge? The other way to pick up good quality furniture is to go for a drive through the streets of Unley and over into almost any suburb in the Burnside Council area. Although I am joking a bit you can actually find some decent furniture that does not require much repair work. People just put it out on the nature strip and wait for the local scabs in a van to come by and take it.

Can you think of other ideas, apart from overpriced hardware stores for some types of furniture? Add your ideas below in a comment post. Basically what I am suggesting here is to avoid your regular furniture stores in the homemaker centres and shopping malls. They are overpriced because they have huge rent bills and a percentage of their profit to pay their landlord. They also sell mass produced rubbish and the quality is lower. Always go for the smaller places where you will be amazed by what you will find that is better quality and lower priced than mass produced, overpriced junk.

Google office+furniture+adelaide for others if you are after office furniture and need more ideas.

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