Pink tax gender price discrimination – women pay more

Pink tax gender price discrimination – women pay more

Pink tax gender price discrimination – women pay more

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Pink tax gender price discrimination – women pay more

Did you know that there is a pink tax? The pink tax is the higher price that women pay for products that are identical to men’s products. Pink tax is a form of legal fraud. I have touched on gender price discrimination gouging previously in Save money at the supermarket. It is again a hot topic in the media today so let us list some examples and you can scroll right down to the bottom of this page to post more if you like?

Pink tax examples

GetUp has launched a “pink tax” campaign to identifying examples of gender price gouging. This is where women pay more than men for similar products just because they are sold in pink packaging or are otherwise overpriced for female buyers. Here are some examples of women’s products in the shops that are in many ways identical to men’s products (even of the same brand sometimes) but at a higher rip off price.

  • razors
  • body spray with identical branding
  • socks
  • thongs
  • shaving cream
  • hair removal cream
  • deodorant
  • haircuts even, some people say?
  • t-shirts and singlets
  • shampoo
  • open neck shirts
  • sneakers
  • pain killers (if a period pain tablet was that good, men would take them to knock out a headache really quickly?)

Smart shoppers avoid the rip off and just buy men’s products where applicable!

Update: 17/10/16

A recent story in the media told of a New York pharmacy that raised prices for male customers by 7 per cent. They were pretending that the pink tax is something that men are too stupid to have ever heard of and that they needed to experience it themselves. The funny thing is that men tell women to buy the male version of a product that both genders use. So men are aware of the rip off, do not worry.

What the pharmacy should have done is instead raise awareness about why retailers elect to defraud female customers. Yes there is often the unintelligent joke about men needing tampons, but one could joke that women need condoms. This topic is about identical products that both genders can use but women are ripped of more for them. It is fraud and that is what awareness should be about!

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  1. Chris  - 29/04/2015 - 10:13 am
    Reply /

    Ok so women choose to pay more for some products/services, but isn’t it typical of feminist-led journalism that the issue is robbed of context. No mention of the fact that men are also required to pay more for certain products or services. Then how about we zoom out from the issue of gender-discriminatory pricing and look more generally at the expenses faced by men that are rarely if ever incurred by women … as described in a blog post at

    • Sebastian  - 29/04/2015 - 3:07 pm
      Reply /

      Some of the things men are expected to pay for are a different topic from products in the shops but to be fair and balanced I’ve approved your comment. Thanks for posting that.

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