Myer online shopping at eBay

Myer online shopping at eBay

Myer online shopping at eBay

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Myer online shopping at eBay

Myer online shopping is live at eBay. Myer launched an online shopping store at eBay on Wednesday 24th February, 2016. Here is some basic information about this online shopping partnership between Myer and eBay.

Myer’s online shopping store at eBay is at Myer store official. It offers products under categories like women’s clothing, lingerie, shoes and accessories. Men’s clothing, suits, shoes and accessories are available. Miss Shop, beauty, kids and toys, home, electrical, and sale items represent the other categories you can browse.

It is hoped that this will boost online and instore sales, according to media stories this week. Myer may even end up selling overseas through its eBay store. eBay will earn a commission from the partnership. The eBay website is seen to be a much more familiar platform for many online shopping consumers in Australia. The partnership just makes it easier and with lower overheads it might prove to be profitable for Myer in the long run.


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News articles

SMH, Myer goes shopping on eBay, by Sue Mitchell on 24th February, 2016.

Inside Retail Australia, Myer and Ebay join forces, 24th February, 2016.

Power Retail, Myer Launches eBay Store by Julian Thumm on 24th February, 2016.

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