Homewares shops Adelaide – homewares, giftware, decor

Homewares shops Adelaide – homewares, giftware, decor

Homewares shops Adelaide – homewares, giftware, decor

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Note that this site does not offer a product database, just reference information and opinion mostly. The Google search box below will take you to a search results page for products that you are trying to find. NB: Proclamation Day (Boxing Day) shopping hours 2016 are in Christmas shop trading hours 2016 Adelaide post.
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Homewares shops Adelaide – homewares, giftware, decor

These are shopping suggestions for homewares shops in Adelaide. Homewares, collectables, gifts, figurines can sometimes be found in shops like supermarkets. Homewares, gitware and decor can also be found in op shops. Tourists and locals might remember the Bargain Barn in Port Elliot, for example, when we were growing up and recently? It is obviously not in the city like these examples below but some of what you could find there was amazing.

It shows that these types of homewares, giftware and more can also be found in shops you may not ordinarily think of sometimes when you walk past them? They appear at first to just sell kitchen pots and pans and containers or just junk. However, many of these shops offer small statues, glass figurines and sculptures, candleholders, collectables, wall art, clocks, fashion and accessories and so on.

Many of the local independent, family owned, homewares stores in Adelaide are in the city centre, inner southern suburbs and eastern suburbs. Plenty of them have been around for more than 20 years. Here are some where you can find unique homewares, home decor, giftware, collectables and home furnishings. Much of it is brand new of course but there are a few that sell used, upcycled, items that make unusual home decorations. If you have seen ‘American Pickers’ on TV then you will know all about that?

Always try to buy from these local people and families where possible. It can be a big help in keeping the money and jobs here in South Australia. Give these a try and post a comment below about what you bought and the experience at the shop or online if you like?

  • Georges of Norwood is a homeware and giftware retailer offering brand name products.
  • SE Waite & Son is another Norwood retailer offering furniture, giftware and kitchenware from a variety of brands.
  • Cleverdicks in Mitcham, Glenside and Norwood offers home decorating products from Australian and European designers. They also offer jewellery, apparel and accessories.
  • A Trip To The Moon in Norwood offers a variety of brands for toys to cushion covers, kitchenware, travel accessories and more.
  • Villeroy & Boch of Glenside offer home decorations, giftware and brand name collection kitchenware.
  • Flourish Gift and Home of Hyde Park and Magill offer gifts, accessories, apparel, jewellery, homewares and furniture.

Used, upcycled and new

For shabby chic, upcycled, retro, home decor see sites like the Junk Map South Australia page for ideas.

Carol’s Classic Gifts and Decor in Goodwood offers all manner of homewares, giftware, home decor, fashion and accessories and more. Some of it is described as shabby chic.


Obviously there are the big nationwide homewares stores and the department stores that offer some of these products.

Nationwide homewares retailers in Adelaide include Adairs, House Homewares, Wheel & Barrow, and also The General Trader. Others include the Oxfam shop and of course the bigger retailers (both supermarkets and department stores). They sell bedside tables, lamps, and all sorts of other homewares and furnishings like bed linen, cushions and more.

Other locals include:

  • Bed Bath N’ Table
  • Hot Chocolate Homewares
  • Homeart
  • Lavish Homes & Gifts

This is all for your reference only and is not necessarily an endorsement, nor is this a paid advertisement for any of the shops mentioned. If you know of other locally owned homewares shops then feel free to post a comment below.

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