Harbour Town Adelaide shopping opening hours, location map

Harbour Town Adelaide shopping opening hours, location map

Harbour Town Adelaide shopping opening hours, location map

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Harbour Town Adelaide shopping opening hours, location map

Harbour Town Adelaide is eleven years old in 2014. This post contains a brief history of Harbour Town Adelaide, discussion about prices, a location map and opening hours.

What is Harbour Town Adelaide?

Harbour Town is a tourism and shopping development where multiple factory outlet discount stores are co-located. It opened in 2003 and has won a number of awards.

According to the Lewis Land Group’s web site, it was “developed by The Lewis Land Group of Companies in joint venture with ING Real Estate Development Australia”. It is a 30,200 square metre centre now wholly owned and managed by The Lewis Land Group. The shopping centre has been expanded twice since it opened in 2003.

There are 137 stores with more than 1,000 employees as of late 2014. More job opportunities are currently opening. Many stores are clothing shops but there are some eateries, electronics, shoes and other shops there as well. The place is often packed on weekends so shopping there early or on quiet week days seems to be the most hassle free time.

Other points about the centre

Note also that the centre is not like regular indoor shopping malls. Its biggest drawback is that shop fronts are in open areas exposed to sun glare and rain. There are few shade spots there so plan your shopping there around the weather accordingly. Also, take your own food and water and leave it in an esky in the boot of the car. You will do a lot of walking if you are going to spend more than an hour there.

You may have a pleasant experience there but some people have publicly stated that they had one or two bad experiences there and will not return. I will outline why you may not save money here but the key is to do some research before deciding whether or not to try shopping there.

Are the prices really cheaper at Harbour Town?

Some of the stores are called “factory outlets” which hints at discount goods on offer for old stock. This does not always mean that their prices are any different to their other stores elsewhere that sell new product lines. However, they do sometimes have sales that may help shoppers to save some money.

This is why the centre was initially promoted as a place that might save shoppers up to 70 or 80% on clothing at least. Some shoppers may find cheaper clothes of similar quality online so look around at online shops before you go to Harbour Town.

You could spend 30 minutes or more driving there and find nothing suitable at a discount price sometimes. Say a store has sold out of clothing to your liking in your size or the next size up? Then you might feel annoyed having wasted time going there expecting to find a bargain?

This is the most common experience that clothes shoppers have anywhere. This is why people say to always check online first and see what is out there. If you go to Harbour Town and find nothing suitable then you could try the shoe shops and others for anything else that you may need while you are there. Some of those shops may have some discount lines on any given day.

People often say online, now that they have wised up through experience shopping there, that it is a gamble but could be worth it sometimes. Some people only go when they know that there are discount sales. They buy up to try their luck selling online or using some of what they buy for birthday and Christmas gifts. Then they keep the rest for themselves if it was something they needed in the first place.

So the answer to the question is that many shops are actually not seen to be any cheaper at all much of the time. This is often the opinion that you will see on reviews web sites (if you filter past the obvious overly positive fake reviews). Public comments on social media indicate the same opinion about the prices.

It appears then that doing some research first before you go there is the first thing to do. That will help you to grab a bargain or two if you do decide to go there. Remember though that you would not drive for an hour to get there because it is a false economy doing that. It really only is for people that live within a 15 to 20 minute drive. Most of the stores are the same as what is in Rundle Mall so bear that in mind as well.

Hot tip?

School holidays! People say that Harbour Town is almost empty during some of the school holidays. Sometimes the price of goods in shops there might come down during these times? You will have to judge for yourself, of course, if you choose to go there then.

Where is Harbour Town Adelaide?

Harbour Town is located on the western side of Adelaide Airport at 727 Tapleys Hill Road, West Beach. A map below shows the location. There is plenty of car parking space there, by the way. The reception phone number is (08) 8355 1144.

Harbour Town Adelaide map



Harbour Town Adelaide opening hours

The airport might be federal land but Harbour Town stores open under the SA Shop Trading Hours Act. They therefore may be closed on public holidays so check out their web sites for opening times for each store.

9.00am – 5.30pm

9.00am – 5.30pm

9.00am – 5.30pm

9.00am – 9.00pm

9.00am – 5.30pm

9.00am – 5.00pm

11.00am – 5.00pm

Public Holidays (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday)
11.00am – 5.00pm

Note that some shops are open later on some days. These can be accessed from the outside when the main mall is closed.

Online sites

Harbour Town Adelaide official web site

Harbour Town Adelaide Facebook

Your experiences there?

If you would like to share your experiences shooping at Harbour Town then post a comment below if you wish?

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