Garden nurseries and garden centres Adelaide

Garden nurseries and garden centres Adelaide

Garden nurseries and garden centres Adelaide

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Garden nurseries and garden centres Adelaide

This looks at garden nurseries and garden centres in Adelaide offering Australian native flora and other flora from around the world. Other garden plant sources are also presented.

Hardware store garden centres

Most Masters, Bunnings, Banner Hardware and Mitre 10 have garden centres with a small selection of flowers, ferns, palms and also vegetable and herb seedlings. They also have plant pots from cheap to expensive enough, plus fertilisers to hoses and more for your garden.

Some of these garden centres are small while others are bigger. For example, Mitre 10 at Glynde has a decent size garden centre with a wide variety of common plants. Other similar places are smaller and hardly worth it. Some do not have much of a garden centre at all but stock garden accessories and tools.

Among the better ones are:

  • Glynde Mitre 10,
  • Bunnings Mile End,
  • Mitre 10 Glenunga,
  • Bunnings Kent Town (for garden accessories and tools).

Many of these, like some of the garden nurseries below, are open on Easter Saturday and almost ever other day of the year. Consult their respective web sites to check to see if they are open on some public holidays and what the opening times are.

Retail garden nurseries inner Adelaide

Retail plant nurseries offer some of the accessories you may need but mostly concentrate on offering a wide variety of Australian native flora like trees, Australian flowers, palms, ferns, flowers from other countries, seedlings and so on. Some people complain that many of the plants in retail nurseries are interstate and overseas varieties and as such there is a lack of plants indigenous to parts of South Australia. But you do find some rare gems if you take the time to look and read the label.

Spring is the best time to buy, especially tube stock. The best quality plants become available by early spring in garden nurseries whereas during winter they look a bit desperate selling poorer quality plants I have found in some places.

Some garden nurseries have had to expand what they offer as the market appears to have shrunken with some popular retail nurseries closing in recent years. Among the remaining ones, you will find a mini-pet store in some of them these days. You will also find a cafe in some. In others you will find homewares and giftware. In some you will find all of these and plants of course. One day you will probably find more of them offering a fodder store on site and other potentially related areas of interest to customers.

Among the better ones in inner Adelaide:

Heyne’s – 283-89 The Parade, Beulah Park SA 5067 – very wide variety of plants and terracotta pots on a large block of land and a shop inside with seeds, fertilizers and more.

Some people also like Prospect Home & Garden at 190 Main North Rd, Prospect.

Other notable plant nurseries across the Adelaide area:

Newman’s Nursery
North East Road Tea Tree Gully

Garden Grove
1150 Golden Grove Road, Golden Grove SA

Virginia Nursery
Gawler Road Virginia

More reasonably popular ones can be found at the NGISA site on Retail Garden Centre Members.

A wholesaler success story

Australian Production Nursery of the Year was awarded this week to a South Australian company. Story: ABC News, Dutch father and son growing their Australian dream in Mount Compass, by Brett Williamson, 27th March, 2015.

Festivals, markets, exhibitions

Markets are another place to find plants. The stall holders often complain after markets that customers usually do not want to pay. Customers will haggle the price down to below cost. This is unacceptable and customers would not be able to do this at a fair or plant festival with fixed prices. However, if you are lucky and you catch a stall holder on a rare good day at a market then you might get a plant dirt cheap. The plants are often way underpriced at markets anyway but you might get one cheaper than that.

Sadly, many stall holders do not make much money at markets because of the underpricing, the stall costs and the disgraceful freeloaders that want everything for free. Some stall holders are trying to scratch together a living from the pittance they make sometimes at markets. This is something that price hagglers and tantrum throwing grown adults do not realise. So I do not encourage haggling when prices are at rock bottom at markets as it is. One day we will lose these community markets if freeloaders keep pressuring for below cost prices. Just pay up and help the poor stall holder out and you will save a bit of money on what you would pay elsewhere.

Anyway, are you running a gardening and plant sale market, exhibition or event? Post a comment below with the details to be listed here and on this site’s Facebook page for free.

A community noticeboard is also at ABC Adelaide’s 891 Gardening Noticeboard

Unley Gardeners Plant Rescue

Unley Gardeners Plant Rescue is another source of plants at their plant sales.

Local industry magazine

Garden & Outdoor Living magazine – online archive of previous issues available to read.

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