Duty free shopping Adelaide

Duty free shopping Adelaide

Duty free shopping Adelaide

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Duty free shopping Adelaide

Duty free shopping Adelaide general tips are provided here. These should not be taken as fact about duty free shopping but rather as points to consider. Links to sites offering specific, current information are below.

What is duty free shopping?

Duty free shopping is for international travellers. They buy goods where taxes or import duties are either excluded from the price or are able to be claimed back.

What do I need to buy duty free?

A flight ticket or cruise ship passenger ticket for overseas travel.

Are the prices really that much cheaper?

Not always and the price of a camera, for example, can vary from one day to the next like prices for other goods can. You can sometimes find cheaper goods online and at discount stores. However, you will save a few dollars on some goods if you buy them at a duty free store. By the way, just be careful if you need a refund because some duty free stores will give you the run around to avoid paying. They assume that they will never see you again so they can get away with flouting consumer law in Australia. Know your refund rights and do not fall for their excuses!

The prices depends on what you need or want at the time and if sales are on. Some people need a power adaptor that can be used in many countries. This is where you could save a few dollars by buying duty free but you might save even more money buying online? Buying a camera duty free could save you much more, so this is what you would buy in a duty free store over the power adaptor. Compare the prices with online and brick and mortar stores first, though, because you could still find a cheaper camera elsewhere. Duty free shops can be much more expensive for many goods on offer so shop around and remember the currency exchange rate to buy cheaper overseas sometimes.

Common problems

Problems can arise if it appears that you are trying to avoid paying taxes on general goods (1). Here are some examples of how these problems often occur.

Say you buy goods worth more than the current $900 limit (for adults) at a duty free shop. You then fly out of Australia and return within a few weeks or months with the goods. You have exceeded your $900 limit so you have to pay the taxes then.

If you had owned, used and perhaps left the goods overseas for more than 12 months then you would not have to pay the local taxes here upon bringing it back in. This is why people buying expensive jewellery at duty free shops are caught out. They fly out and soon return with their jewellery and have to pay the tax. They kick themselves for not using a bank safe deposit box overseas to store and then use their purchases next time they are there.

It is usually much cheaper to buy just about everything overseas anyway. So looking at import limits and restrictions is probably a better option for some people? This may help to avoid headaches with duty free shopping.

Another problem is with alcohol confiscations. Always buy either on your last stopover or your final destination. You will find that alcohol can be confiscated if you made a few stopovers along the way. This can occur even if it is in the sealed bag with documentation.

(1) General goods include gifts/souvenirs, electronics, leather goods, jewellery, watches, perfume and sporting goods brought in from overseas or purchased in Australia on a duty/tax free basis on arrival. A family of two adults and two under 18 children can pool their individual limits to bring in $2,700 worth of general goods (2 x $900 + 2 x $450).

Duty free shops Adelaide

Many cruise ships have their own duty free shops. Some airlines even offer in-flight duty free goods for sale. Whether you are heading out of Australia or coming in from overseas via plane or cruise ship, if you are looking for more duty free shopping in Adelaide then here are a couple of suggestions. These are not paid links or necessarily endorsed here.


Aelia Duty Free – Adelaide Airport

There are other duty free shops at Adelaide Airport as well.


JR Duty Free at 25 King William Street, Adelaide (see map below).



More information

More information about duty free shopping and what you can and cannot bring in under the limits:

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