Costco Adelaide opening hours, fuel, background

Costco Adelaide opening hours, fuel, background

Costco Adelaide opening hours, fuel, background

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Costco Adelaide opening hours, fuel, background

Costco Adelaide is located on the northern side of the Churchill Centre in Kilburn. Costco said in March 2013 that the Costco Adelaide warehouse would cost about $20 million to build on 14,000sqm of land. Costco will lease 5ha of land, though, from the site developers, Axiom Properties and Southern Cross Equity, for 50 years. Here us some background and information.

Update: 21/11/2014:

Costco fuel outlet customers please be warned about the following. It is not Costco but rather your financial institution that does this. Costco provides written information explaining this at the fuel outlet so do not be surprised if you failed to read it.

When you use your debit card to pre-pay in $20 increments at Costco’s fuel outlet and you select, say $60, but only end up getting $50 worth of fuel if the tank fills at that point, the extra $10 remains on hold as well because you selected $60 in total. Some people find that the spare amount is released the same day while others find that it can take several days. A lot of banks place the total amount you select on hold in your account in these and other situations. It is released later if there is any unused amount leftover. Contrary to popular belief, this has been occurring in Australia for some years now in a variety of situations.

Original post – 17/10/2014:


With different laws applying, federal airport land was always an easy choice for big international retailers in Adelaide and so Ikea, for example, set up shop there years ago. As for land governed by state laws, it was widely thought that incessant state government red tape, and a small market, kept some of the big retailers away from other parts of South Australia for many years. Costco broke through all that and won approval to build a warehouse in Kilburn.

Since then a company representative has always said that a second store may be on the cards. The Kilburn site is within reach of many citizens in the inner metropolitan area. If it goes well then a second store may be built in the southern suburbs.

Costco requires a $60 annual fee ($55 for some businesses) just to walk through the door. They offer brand name food products like Foodland, IGA, Drake and Romeos do. However, you can buy other products like jewellery, electronics and furniture, for example, in Costco stores. This is what sets them apart from all others and they source produce and some fish from local South Australian producers.

Site history

The site is part of the Islington Railway Workshops. A look at the history of this and the historical buildings can be found on at Islington Railway Workshops. Progress in the surrounding area has meant that new housing is replacing the old housing. Old factories, foundries, warehouses and other similar businesses that have closed are slowly being replaced.

Job creation

278 jobs were created at the Kilburn warehouse and two regular jobs at the nearby fuel outlet in 2014. There were approximately 7,000 applicants for these jobs. Group interviews were conducted in early 2014. The fuel outlet opened on 16th October 2014 offering discount fuel to Costco members at 130.7c per litre. Local competitors matched the price negating the need for Costco members to buy from Costco if they elected not to. The Costco warehouse store is due to open on 19th November 2014.


Costco applied for a Special Circumstances Liquor Licence but this application was rejected after it was opposed by nearby liquor outlets. The hearing was in August and media reports on 17/10/2014 mentioned that the court judge said on 16/10/14 that it would set an “undesirable precedent” for future applications. It also “might compromise the interests of the liquor industry and its appropriate regulation and control”.

Basically it had less to do with the social problems that can arise from access to discount alcohol and more to do with protecting local small businesses. A large bulk buyer of 300 alcohol product lines, offering discount alcohol to members, can easily wipe these local small businesses out completely when consumers make the switch. Adelaide is a small market by comparison to other cities in Australia and overseas where alcohol is routinely sold in supermarkets.

There are pros and cons to this decision about Costco. Some people might say that while local jobs are saved the customer loses by being forced to pay higher prices for alcohol elsewhere. It could be seen as regressive therefore in some ways? The current laws are anti-competitive for example? However, it can also be seen as a positive outcome for the community as a whole in other ways? Local currently existing jobs are saved and social problems arising from access to discount alcohol are averted, for example?

Other information

Costco Adelaide – Kilburn Warehouse Opening Hours

  • Weekdays 10am-8.30pm
  • Saturday 9am-5pm
  • Sunday 11am-5pm

Fuel outlet

  • Monday to Friday: 6:30am – 9:30pm
  • Saturday: 6:00am – 6:00pm
  • Sunday: 7:00am – 6:00pm

What is it like?

Concrete floors, steel storage shelving, pallets galore and bulk buying options. As always do your comparisons with other competitors. Buy only what you need from Costco and then buy the rest elsewhere. Generally it is good for non-perishables but, as with other supermarkets, shop around because you might find that fresh produce should probably still be bought from an independent greengrocer.

Costco is very similar to Campbells Cash and Carry, although the latter can be mostly pricier than regular supermarkets (in my experience). The public does not need an ABN to shop at Costco, though, just a $60 membership to walk through the door. Businesses do get a discounted membership with an ABN. There is also plenty of parking there so fines for street parking will not apply in any hurry, nor will there be a parking fee on site at this stage as there are no plans for that yet.

Costco Adelaide online

Browse the Costco web site at to see what range they offer for the product(s) that you intend to buy if they have any listings available from time to time on the web site. You may find a wider variety elsewhere and the price will vary depending on special discount offers on any given day. Costco memberships are detailed on the web site also.

Facebook: Costco Adelaide Facebook

Catalogue: See sites like the Y Catalogues Coscto Adelaide Catalogue page for weekly specials.

Costco Adelaide Locations

  • Kilburn in 2014
  • Southern suburbs possibly in 2015
  • A third store may follow in a suburb to be announced.

Costco Adelaide map and address – Kilburn

Address: Next to the northern side of the Churchill Centre, 380-408 Churchill Road, Kilburn, SA 5084


Note: This is a reference post, not a paid advertisement or endorsement. If you disagree with any comments made above or just want to discuss your experiences with Costco then post a comment below if you like?

Comments about Costco from the public can be viewed in the March 2013 story about Costco Adelaide.

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Similar supermarkets with brand name food products in Adelaide include:

  • Rite Price
  • Campbells Cash and Carry
  • Foodland
  • Foodworks

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