Children’s toys Adelaide – educational toys, wooden toys, games

Children’s toys Adelaide – educational toys, wooden toys, games

Children’s toys Adelaide – educational toys, wooden toys, games

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Children’s toys Adelaide – educational toys, wooden toys, games

Children’s toys Adelaide

Children’s toys in Adelaide for Christmas or birthdays can be found in these independent children’s toy shops mentioned below. These offer among the more decent quality and potentially longer lasting toys. Always support these toy shops in Adelaide ahead of the mainstream stores offering lower quality, overpriced toys if you can.

The Toy Factory

South Australia is blessed to have its own wooden toy maker in Gumeracha. It is called The Toy Factory: The Big Rocking Horse. There is a wide range of toys and games there. Last time I was there (last year) they also had confectionery and some clothing items as well. They also sell Australiana.




Other South Australian toy retailers

Imagine If have educational toys and games. There are also toys like trucks and other vehicles that may be of decent quality but check them out for yourself and see if you like them.

Toy Corner offer the popular toy brand figurines and also Lego. They have an extensive range of parts as well.

Windmill offer educational toys and games and puzzles.

Kidzone offers a range of toys, furniture and bedding for children.

Toys and games unique to South Australia

Adelaide Monopoly Game Facebook page. The game is available at various retailers mentioned on the Facebook page..

Other tips

You may also find locally made toys at community markets that have a variety of other goods to sell? Browse markets like the popular ones at Campbelltown, Fullarton and so on and see what you can find. You might be surprised?

Ethical and eco toys

There are interstate toy retailers with web sites you can order from and they offer ethical and eco toys and special needs toys made here in Australia. Google “ethical toys Australia” or “special needs toys Australia” for what is on offer. You can also go to the Oxfam shop here in Adelaide and buy ethically made toys there as well.

Oxfam Shop map



Happy toy hunting!

Do you know of any other local independent toy retailers? Post a comment below if you like because other readers may find it helpful to know?

Note: The links provided herein do not necessarily represent an endorsement, nor are they paid advertising. They are just some of the retailers around but if you know of others then please comment below?

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