Cheap land South Australia | cheapest country blocks land

Cheap land South Australia | cheapest country blocks land

Cheap land South Australia | cheapest country blocks land

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Cheap land South Australia | cheapest country blocks land

Cheap land in South Australia still exists in country blocks of land while metropolitan prices become more overpriced. The cheapest rural land in South Australia can be found in these places.

Artificial metropolitan prices

We have all read the media stories over the years that talked about state governments withholding surplus land from the market. Developers also openly admit to having land banks to hold land for zoning and population changes one day. You can Google news stories that mention these topics.

It creates an artificial price bubble over and above what regular supply and demand creates. This is a vast country where such a bubble should not exist because there is plenty of land. But exist it does in the metropolitan areas at least. There, more stamp duty, other tax revenue, and council rates from dense urban infill can be squeezed from property sellers and buyers.

Something else that creates higher prices, albeit temporarily, is the foreign investors from different countries. Foreign property buyers under federal law can only buy new homes. In reality they are buying old, established homes as well. You can read up on that in various news stories on that topic. If they have a temporary visa then they must sell up before the visa expires. But this is not enforced very much.

These buyers are paying well above the real value and even the reserve and asking prices of old homes. Many are buying in an area with a popular school. This has a small affect of pushing up prices overall in some suburbs. However, it should be remembered that new apartment buildings are trying to meet the demand in the CBD and nearby. So any inflation of prices should in theory be temporary where foreign investors are concerned? This is because at least developers are trying to meet demand quickly, whereas governments keep land for decades and sell off some only when there is a Budget mess?

Cheapest rural land in South Australia

The above are just two of many factors that force prices up far too much in the city. It is best to look to rural areas if you want to buy cheap land in South Australia, especially where infrastructure is being built to meet future demand. I have occasionally monitored South Australian rural land prices on The places below are the places that are consistently cheap on that web site and I mean the price of a car cheap. They are among the cheapest land in Australia. Some blocks of rural land are in ghost towns that no one wants to move to while others are not far from popular tourist destinations where there are at least some jobs to be found. Many of these blocks of land are large.

These are residential properties and prices exclude GST and stamp duty. See sites like Real Commercial for commercial rural land.

Cheap land South Australia

Up to $10,000

Mount Mary


Port Pirie
Nepean Bay
Port Lincoln (Wedge Island)


Port Lincoln (Wedge Island)
Farrell Flat

If you visit the aforementioned web site, type in one of the above places, and click “Include surrounding suburbs” then you may see other places from time to time that have cheap prices.

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