Buy South Australian made products

Buy South Australian made products

Buy South Australian made products

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Buy South Australian made products

Buy South Australian made products

Do you buy South Australian made products all that often? Amazingly there are some people who are unaware of local campaigns to buy only South Australian foods and other goods. However, there are a few campaigns around that encourage people to buy local. Here is a look at them and some other reasons why you should buy local as often as possible.


There is a theory that these types of buy local campaigns could hurt supply contracts with foreign buyers. Asia is a strong market so this should not really be a problem at all there? We have to remember that with so much money going out of Australia to foreign owners of our land and companies, buying local helps to keep money and jobs here. This is far more important in these uncertain economic times in South Australia.

Here is some more information on how you can help. You may need to further research if any products contain some imported ingredients or components as well as local ones. This is because a product can be Aussie made even with imported ingredients or components. The goods may have had water added here for food for example. They may have had a local label added. Other local add on components may also be there. Any or all of these can still qualify the product as locally made. This is a farce so be careful to do some research first.

These are recent and current campaigns.

Food South Australia

Buy South Australian Facebook page – state government

There is currently a Shop Small campaign that has been around for a year. However, for ethical reasons I will not mention it here any further. A credit card company is one of the organisations behind it. It is unwise in these politically correct times to promote something that is partly a promotion for a credit card company. Basically it is about buying from small, local businesses to help them. That is all that needs to be said. If you are comfortable researching it further then I will leave that to you.

More information about South Australian companies you could buy from is at the Wikipedia page about it at List of South Australian commercial icons.

Avoid some taxes

There should be one tax to cover all state and federal taxes on all goods and services. However, at the moment we have duties, excise and GST on a range of goods that we buy and some services. This is quite frankly a rip off that has pushed prices up too high in Australia.

One of the ways that you can legally minimise some of these tax rip offs is to avoid buying foreign foods and clothes where possible. They have import duties slapped on them to start with. The cost of shipping goods to Australia adds to the price you pay as well, of course.

Buy a local alternative and see how much cheaper that is. See Foodland for local foods, for example. The quality should also be higher anyway, which is another reason to buy local alternatives. It is far better to keep our money in the local economy rather than waving it goodbye as it sails offshore.

Tip for cheaper shopping

Look at the terms and conditions for the retailers who say that they will beat the price by 10 per cent if you find it cheaper elsewhere. The list of exceptions tells you where to shop for a better price in the first place. This is ironic but potentially useful.

We know about local markets but that aside look at the options listed in these price matching/beating exclusions. Try to find local SA companies and their locally made products when visiting these places listed below. It may help the local economy somewhat in addition to other shopping habits to buy local.

  • Online only price offers from online stores with or without a bricks and mortar shop,
  • Factory, distribution or warehouse outlets with or without an associated online store,
  • See if your ABN, if you have one, can be used with wholesalers, importers, warehouses,
  • Auctions and auction sites, deal websites,
  • Liquidation and clearance sales,
  • Refurbished or factory second products
  • and so on.

If everyone tries to buy some of their regular requirements locally then it can be a big help to our economy and job situation. Give it a try and you are welcome to discuss it further in a comment post below if you wish?

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