Buy a flat screen TV in Adelaide

Buy a flat screen TV in Adelaide

Buy a flat screen TV in Adelaide

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Buy a flat screen TV in Adelaide

Buy a flat screen TV in Adelaide

Here are some general tips to consider before you buy a flat screen TV in Adelaide and other parts of South Australia. You can share your knowledge and experience below in a comment post if you like?

The very first task in looking for a flat screen TV is to read the Choice televisions reviews. I like LG and Sony products but you may find something better out there? Another place I go to for free reviews of sorts, with opinions based on experience, is the Whirpool Forums, TVs section. If people have had either a good or bad experience then they will tell you there. You do not have to be a member currently to read topics there.

The next step is to think outside of the box and spend a little while looking through second hand stores. You might be surprised to find brand new flat screen TVs there that have been serviced and are still under warranty. People have to pawn or sell some belongings sometimes and this presents an opportunity for the savvy buyer trying to save money. It can save you hundreds if you find what you want. Try Cash Converters and similar stores. Just because they are second hand does not mean that they are always broken or not working. You might find one without a scratch on it if you are lucky?

If you do not have any luck there then the mainstream retailers are your next stop. Many goods for sale in these shops are overpriced so here are some tips that could save you a little bit of money. If there is a demo model, and they can reduce the price if you pay cash and take it there and then, by all means go for it. Additionally, ask if there is still one of the previous, superseded model TVs in the store somewhere. They might have one in the stock room and it can save you a hundred dollars or maybe more depending on how expensive it was before. Now you can make a decision between the demo model or the superseded one. The demo might have a scratch so the price can be reduced accordingly. However, the superseded model may still be in the box and could be purchased for a similar price to the demo.

I always do this with just about anything I need in these mainstream electronics and whitegoods stores. Also, some of them will have a sale on models that are about to be replaced. If you miss the sale you can still ask if they have any left and if they do ask for the sale price if you pay cash and take it there and then. They want to clear space so they will often sell leftover stock at the sale price even after the sale has finished.

I would not buy electronics goods from the “cheap” department stores. I have found that I have had to take them back because they are faulty. I stopped buying the rubbish they sell years ago. Similarly, buying on Gumtree is unwise as well for a variety of reasons. If you are going to buy a flat screen TV online then try an Ebay shop or places like Kogan but read the customer reviews first.

Always buy a TV with a USB port. Most of them have one these days and they come in handy for plugging in a digital camera to view photos, an external computer hard drive or media player box. That way you can watch movies or TV shows in a variety of formats. You may have to download software to play some formats so read the instructions in the user guide for the TV for more information. This can all be researched online as well before you buy a TV so that you know what formats it will play a file in.

As for the type of TV, I would go for an LCD as my first preference or an LED TV as my second preference. LCD TVs last longest, are light, and fairly thin so they do not take up much room. OLED TVs are good too but plasma TVs have some drawbacks, despite offering the best picture quality, so I would not buy one. That is my personal choice but you may find reasons to buy a plasma TV in your research. A 32 inch screen, or higher, with the highest resolution for that size screen is not half as expensive as a large plasma TV. Also, curved screens seem to have a lot of negative reviews so if you read those online then you can decide if it is worth it or not.

Buy online or in store at the regular places like these examples below. Shop around because some retailers do not have the wide range that others do. Viewing the following web sites first will give you some idea of what is out there.

Costco may also offer TVs, when they open in Adelaide in November 2014, as well so consider that in your research as well.

Do you have any tips to share from your experience? Post them below if you like because other people may find them helpful?

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