Ben & Jerry’s Norwood Adelaide

Ben & Jerry’s Norwood Adelaide

Ben & Jerry’s Norwood Adelaide

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Ben & Jerry’s Norwood Adelaide

Ben & Jerry’s Norwood Adelaide

Ben & Jerry’s will open an Adelaide store in Norwood in early 2015. Here are some details with opening hours to be announced at a later date.

Brief history

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started their ice cream shop in Vermont in 1978 after doing a $5 ice cream making course. The ice cream chain is now owned by consumer giant Unilever. They own Streets which also uses palm oil in its ice cream, just for your information.

Originally the company wanted to open a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Rundle Street, according to media stories in mid 2013. They wanted around $450,000 for a franchisee to open a shop.


Palm oil

Facebook quote on 19/11/14 re palm oil:

Ben & Jerry’s recognizes the serious environmental implications of unsustainably harvested palm oil. Throughout our history, we have been just as committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients as making chunky ice cream flavours with improbable names. Ben & Jerry’s does not use palm oil in our ice cream base mix. However, some of our flavours across the globe may include a small fraction of oils in baked goods and other inclusions from third party suppliers. Overall, we are actively working with our supply chain to assure that any palm oil that is used in our products is traced to origins where sustainable agricultural practices are followed. Peace, Love & Ice Cream – The Ben & Jerry’s Herd

Get it now?

Woolworths and some small retailers have been selling Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for a couple of years now. They also sponsored Ben and Jerry’s Openair Cinemas in 2013 where they sold the ice creams. This is how they tested the market and promoted the product.

Location map

The first Ben & Jerry’s shop in Adelaide will open in the Hoyts Norwood cinema complex in January or February.



Opening hours



Golden North – locally owned and palm oil free. Available everywhere!

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