Australians can bypass car dealers with lifted car import restrictions

Australians can bypass car dealers with lifted car import restrictions

Australians can bypass car dealers with lifted car import restrictions

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Australians can bypass car dealers with lifted car import restrictions

Australian car buyers will be able to bypass car dealers in 2018 and import directly from the Japan and UK. Some of the public seem to think that the sky will fall down and of course car dealers are not happy about it, either.

The Guardian mentioned today in Australians to bypass car dealers and import directly from Japan and UK, by Lenore Taylor, that import restrictions will be lifted in 2018 to allow cars from Japan and UK to be imported by consumers without dealers being involved.

Legal restrictions will be removed to allow drivers to buy a new car once every two years, providing it is no more than 12 months old and has no more than 500km on the odometer.

The government will also change the rules for importing used classic and collectible cars to allow them to be brought into Australia if they are at least 25 years old or are on a register of specialist and enthusiast vehicles. It was also remove a $12,000 duty on these imported used cars.

So some of the public freaked out in Facebook by suggesting that car dealers will all be unemployed from 2018. This is simply naive, ignorant, utter nonsense! You are not going to waste money on freight costs to import a cheap car. So plenty of dealers will still have a job guaranteed and the sky will not fall down. The lifting of import restrictions is suited more to the wealthy because they will save money cutting out dealers. The freight costs will still be worthwhile.

The dealers have been busy insulting the intelligence of everyone by saying that consumer protection and after-sales support will not be there for people who bypass them. It is their job to say that of course. Again, this whole situation will better suit the rich who can afford it. They are not all that stupid that they cannot import parts and use local luxury car mechanics at their own risk to fix the cars that they import. Again, the sky is not going to fall down.

If anything it might help to bring better quality luxury cars into the country at a slightly lower price. The rich could sell them at a profit here of course but over time they will offload some of their current cars as the value drops a bit. The other side of the coin is that Australia could become something of a dumping ground for rubbish cars (like dodgy insurance repair jobs that could still pass inspection here)? Time will tell as always?

In this site’s Facebook page, Michael said:

Consumer protection is from the manufacturer not the dealer so it should not matter where the car is sourced from.

Do you like the idea of lifting these import restrictions? Comment below if you like?


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