Adelaide optometrists – choosing eyewear at optometrists

Adelaide optometrists – choosing eyewear at optometrists

Adelaide optometrists – choosing eyewear at optometrists

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Adelaide optometrists – choosing eyewear at optometrists

Here are some tips that may be helpful when looking for glasses and sunglasses in Adelaide optometrist stores. If you can think of others from your experience with optometrist stores then feel free to post them here? It may be helpful to other people looking to buy glasses and/or sunglasses?

Always check out the web sites of Adelaide optometrist stores first. Experience has told us all not to be fooled in any situation by companies with names that indicate that they may be cheaper when quite often they are more expensive. You can pay up to three times the price there of what you would pay elsewhere for designer brands.

The designer brands on offer in some of these seemingly “cheaper” optometrist stores often have plastic frames that break. You generally only get one replacement frame during the warranty period. If the replacement breaks then you have to buy another totally different pair because they no longer stock what you bought a year or more ago. If they have prescription lenses then you have to get a new set made up to match the new frame. Many eyewear stores send the specifications for lenses overseas to get them made. This is how you end up paying more in the long run when the frame breaks. Always compare prices and what the frame is made of via the web sites of optometrist stores in Adelaide. There are only a few places that actually make the lenses here in Adelaide. They are probably the first places to look at.

I always go for metal arms on the frames with a metal screw inside a threaded metal sleeve. Those frames last much longer and cost much less. This is the case for regular glasses as well as sunglasses which is what I buy once every few years if I need to. You can get cheap frames anywhere but always go for metal ones whether they are prescription lenses or regular lenses.

Also, if they offer scratch resistance, whether or not it is included in the price, then ask them not to include that. The thin “scratch resistant” film peels in no time and makes a mess of the lenses. UV protection is probably better if you do not mind adding up to $100 to the cost of your glasses.

Can you think of any other tips that may help people looking for glasses in Adelaide optometrist stores?

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