Adelaide gardeners: minimal home garden maintenance services

Adelaide gardeners: minimal home garden maintenance services

Adelaide gardeners: minimal home garden maintenance services

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Adelaide gardeners: minimal home garden maintenance services

Some Adelaide gardeners offer very minimal home garden maintenance services. Of course there are some good gardeners in Adelaide who take the time to do jobs that need to be done regularly. Sadly there are some gardeners, however, who see it as more profitable to do the basics for 30 minutes and then rush off to the next job. Here is a look at what they do not bother to do and then what they should do regularly. I have included this in this shopping section of the site because it is some general layman’s advice to consider in making a “purchasing” decision as a consumer of home gardening services.

Minimum service

The general way of going about it is that they will mow the law and sweep up the driveway. Then they take off. They will sweep up the driveway a few weeks later and then take off. That is really all they can be bothered doing. You have to ask them to use common sense and do the common sense work that should be done on every visit. Sometimes they may “go the extra mile” and do some of the jobs that they are supposed to do regularly. Obviously this work ethic is not just restricted to Adelaide gardeners because people find the same thing interstate as well. I am going off what I have personally experienced with them, though, here in Adelaide.

No common sense

Common sense goes out the window with some gardeners. Here are some examples of their attitude.

Weeding? We just leave them there until you ask us to pull weeds or poison them. You will end up doing that yourself most of the time.

Garden and lawn edging? We rarely bother.

Keeping pathways clear? We walk straight past plants growing across a pathway. You will have to do that unless you ask us to do it.

Irrigation system? No clue. You will have to learn how to program it yourself.

Hedges trimmed? Keep dreaming. You will have to do that most of the time because we will only bother once or twice a year.

Good Adelaide gardeners do these and more

Mow lawns,
Core lawns,
Plant lawns,
Trim edges,
Trim the face of car park trees and shrubs,
Clean up driveway and paths,
Pull/poison weeds on paths and in garden,
Trim hedges,
Set irrigation system,
Clean gutters,
Trim ground-level plants along edge of paths to prevent spreading across paths,
Prune overhanging branches near gutters,
Spreading mulch,
Wash windows,
Fit gutter mesh,
Remove dead plants and trees,
Plant plants that you buy or ask them to buy that suit our dry climate,
and so on.

Extra jobs

Some of the above are jobs that some gardeners are normally unable to do for a variety of reasons. There are other companies that specialise in those jobs anyway. Not all of the regular items in the list above needs to be done by the gardener on every visit, of course, but most of it should be done regularly (not once or twice a year). Some gardeners can also do basic landscaping work from plans that you have drawn up and using materials that you buy/supply or send them off to buy. Other times they may be able to recommend a company. Sometimes an arborist can be recommended for branches in large trees that require pruning. There are also gardeners that can set up raised garden beds, wicking beds and so on.

There is a long list of jobs that gardeners can do as they develop experience and qualifications, certificates, cards and so on related to their work. However, sometimes you will find that even gardeners that stick to the basic work find it more profitable to make a brief appearance. They may do this once every three or four weeks and they may do very little. Other times they may do more if they have the time and inclination. This “laziness” and occasional spurts of doing the job properly is commonly found among gardeners at strata properties. It is not just big gardening companies, either, that have lazy gardeners. Some of the sole traders are lazy as well. Do not worry, there are some good gardeners out there but there are some shockers as well. This is why people that live in units complain about gardening not being done properly and they end up doing some of it themselves.

What else to consider?

I know that my opinion will not be very popular among some Adelaide gardeners or interstate ones. It is my opinion based on experience and I make no apology for that and nor should I. My opinion is not about trying to give the whole industry a bad name. It is something to be aware of where some gardeners are concerned. Many start off good and then get lazy. Give the gardener a list of jobs to do and how frequently they must be done. Good Adelaide gardeners will file that and work off it on each visit. If they spend close to an hour on the property on most visits then they will generally get a few jobs done. Those are the gardeners worth their money and worth keeping. Finally, always check to see if they have insurance and safety training. There are organisations that keep track of these on behalf of clients but if you do not use them then you need to check yourself.

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