Adelaide farmers markets local food benefits

Adelaide farmers markets local food benefits

Adelaide farmers markets local food benefits

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Adelaide farmers markets local food benefits

This Adelaide farmers markets post explores some of the world of Adelaide local food. It looks at the benefits of local food and where to get it. There are links to more information to help you decide whether or not to exercise your right to be a responsible consumer and avoid supermarkets when buying some food products. This information is not only suitable for markets. It still applies to independent fruiterers in shopping centres. You can still ask what they know about their suppliers and produce storage and research further from there. Fruiterers can store produce for days, like supermarkets, but some of it is still generally considered to be more fresh than what supermarkets offer.

What is local food?

Local food in Adelaide comes from several sources. It can be farm produce from the hills and southern vales. It can be what people grow in their back yard in the metropolitan area. It can also come from small boutique shops selling what they produce (jams, tomato sauce and so on).

Local food can therefore have several meanings. A market in the hills where people sell locally grown or made food right there in the hills is considered to be “local” food. A market down in the city centre can have food from all over the metropolitan and rural areas within the state. This can still be called “local” food. A market in one suburb with sellers from three or four surrounding suburbs can offer what you could call “local” food. It has no strict definition but it is generally food grown or produced within this state.

Benefits of buying local food

The idea is to cut out the parasitic middle man like distributors, supermarkets and almost everyone else along the chain that pushes food costs up. It also helps to ignore pressure on councils from the big supermarkets to not allow local markets to thrive. In this way there are economic and environmental benefits. Customers also get the freshest produce they can buy. There are also social benefits as well.

Many of the environmental benefits relate to emissions. Environmental benefits can come from reduced large scale storage costs (electricity). Less power consumption results in lower greenhouse emissions. The shorter transport distances reduce the local level of pollution from transport trucks. People who go to a local market and buy a bag or two full of foods either drive there or catch public transport. This can be seen to be more environmentally friendly than transport trucks.

Economic benefits relate to supply and price. If there are plenty of local food producers then there is a continual supply of some food products. That way people are not held to ransom by supermarkets during shortages of some foods in other states that experience natural disasters (e.g. substitute fruits can be available during banana shortages after a Queensland cyclone). The price of local food can sometimes be cheaper because of lower transportation costs and lower overheads at markets and farms. It is even cheaper for urban rooftop “farms” like the ones in New York and other cities. The money people spend stays locally and helps to employ local residents, which is another benefit.

Social benefits relate to the market atmosphere. People gather and meet other people. They sit and chat while they consume a cup of coffee and then go shopping within the market. They can quiz sellers to learn more about how the food is grown. Customers then know what they are buying without all the confusing psychological games from parasitic parts of the food distribution and retail chain.

Locally grown produce markets and related supplies

These are just a few places where one can share, swap and sell surplus produce or buy seeds to grow from.

Ripe Near Me official site
Ripe Near Me Facebook

Seed Savers Network official site
Seed Savers Network Facebook

FARM Direct Markets S.A. supporting Aussie Farms and Producers

Stirling Farmers Market

There are of course plenty of other markets. Some of these farmers markets allow back yard growers trying to make a living while others shut them out in favour of companies selling overpriced goods. Always try to support the markets with sellers offering what they grow at home or on a hobby farm and then consider the others next.

There are markets with a variety of goods on offer including food. These include markets at Urrbrae, Fullarton, Norwood (sometimes), Adelaide Showground, Prospect, Willunga, Holland Street in the city and more.

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