Tourist in my hometown

Tourist in my hometown

Tourist in my hometown

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The following comes from Kevin who is a regular in this site’s Facebook page at Adelaide in South Australia. Kevin was back here in Adelaide earlier this month. He shares his thoughts here and in Facebook about what has changed and what has not changed in Adelaide while he was away.

Tourist in my hometown
by Kevin Martin
19 August, 2014

In the first week of August I returned to Adelaide for the first time since mid 2011. I didn’t think a lot would have changed but surprisingly it had, mostly transport infrastructure which is good.

  • The Southern expressway finally 2 way.
  • The northern overhead motorway linking Regency Rd to the Port River expressway and Salisbury Highway.
  • The electrification of the Noarlunga rail line and extension to Seaford.

All great but more can be done.

South Rd still is a nightmare with the Northern Motorway and Southern Expressway feeding into a bottleneck of a narrow North/South artery.

If only some of the MATS plan from the 60s was completed. A lot of land was purchased and remained with the government for many years. THE Port River and Southern Expressways were on land reserved back in the MATS plan.

I look forward to the Torrens river to Torrens Rd/South Rd upgrade … that all governments have avoided action on this stretch is an embarrassment to South Australians.

Even that upgrade would be a band aid … government should bite the bullet and build a North/South connector somewhere … even if a toll road I’d pay if I was still living over there.

You see the Northern Expressway and South Eastern Freeway and Port River Expressway and know that there is some intelligence in that field. More is needed!

Not forgetting the Southern Expressway … now that it is 2 way albeit with some work on access ramps and beautification of verges needed.

I lament the tram and rail network. For so many years all that happened was closure as the ‘bus’ and car everywhere mentality ruled the transport dept. If onlys abound. A light rail service not the O-Bahn … O-Bahn is great but to Hackney then buses feed into Grenfell St … that’s crazy.

Trams are expanding and that’s terrific but don’t stop … extending to North Adelaide is a must!

Trains … electrification is great and extension from Noarlunga to Seaford was overdue. What about extending from Gawler to the Barossa and Belair to Mt Barker?

Infrastructure never keeps up with development does it?

It was good to get back home.

PS I forgot … The Bogan Bridge was great to move people across the Torrens from the train station to the gold plated $450mil stadium 🙂

… don’t think the casino gets many extra custom … did they pay for the bridge or was that a government wish?

Anyways … I look forward to another visit soon.

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