We live in La La Land in #Australia

We live in La La Land in #Australia

We live in La La Land in #Australia

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A popular meme about Australia is floating around on Facebook today. My opinion is that we certainly do live in La La land in Australia.

Here is the meme and my opinion underneath. See if you agree with some or all of this?

La La land Australia

We blame renewables and closed power stations for strong winds blowing trees onto aging, neglected electricity infrastructure causing blackouts. Then we complain about free choice giving businesses the right to buy generators like some did years ago. But it’s okay for householders to buy smaller versions and no one complains. Strange world!

We callously attack the homeless, students, parents of infants, the disabled, the unemployed, pensioners whose taxes built this country, and other disadvantaged. We launch robo-debt welfare terrorism that is a conspiracy to commit fraud on a wide scale against all of the above groups. The ignorant attack the disadvantaged for having the audacity to use their taxes. But the ignorant blindly forget that WE ALL paid taxes for government services that they have and still do use one way or another. They would be the first to cry if those services were taken away from them. Strange world!

We allow landlords, businesses and politicians to rort the tax payer while householders are bled dry with no tax deductions available for similar and same expenses. We also allow corporations to avoid and even evade tax. Strange world!

We sell our resources for a song and have less to show for it than other countries. Where is our money going? It should be put into a national infrastructure fund but is wasted instead. Strange world!

We threaten whistleblowers with prison sentences for exposing government corruption that costs us all. The whistleblowers are patriots that deserve a medal but they are seen as traitors by the very treasonous traitors criticising them. Strange world!

On and on it goes. We need to wake up!

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