Warning for job seekers commenting in social media

Warning for job seekers commenting in social media

Warning for job seekers commenting in social media

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Job seekers should be warned about the perils of public comments on social media. However, they can also take advantage of it to note which employers to avoid. Here are two sides of the story for job seekers to be mindful of in social media.

Whinging employers

Some of the advice that employers and employer groups give to job seekers only shows how completely stupid they think people are. Then they whinge that they cannot find new staff. It is these types of employers that deserve no support from job seekers, clients, customers and so on. These employers are obviously using all manner of excuses and their entitlement complex to refuse to hire genuine job seekers that have jumped through all the hoops and want to work. They have no right to whinge.

Then employer groups cause confusion with their nonsense advice as well. There was a story in the so-called “Careers” section of the newspaper on the weekend. It suggested that job seekers “add value”, which means that employers want to exploit more for less pay. Some job seekers say that employers do not want value-adding at all. The excuse is that the job seeker is overqualified. Sometimes it is the opposite where they tell a perfectly qualified and experienced job seeker that they are not qualified enough. Mixed messages much? They clearly have no idea what they want and have the hide to accuse job seekers of being “lazy” just because they are unemployed or only employed casually or part-time.

Large job seekers pool but no jobs

There are tens of thousands of unemployed and underemployed people in this state. The ignorant might disagree but their claims are not supported by the government’s statistics. Remember also that the real rate of unemployment is much higher than the official rate. The fact is that there are just not enough jobs to cover everyone that wants to work. There is clearly a jobs crisis. There is no excuse for any employer to whinge that they cannot find new staff.

We have a large pool of job seekers in this state who have jumped through all of the hoops that employers have told them to jump through and all to no avail. Employers then say that people are “overqualified”. There is a large enough industry in this state that exploits job seekers to make them overqualified. People end up with a folder of certificates, tickets, qualifications and licences a mile long.

Taking any work

Most of them then have to settle for work that does not match the hoops that they have jumped through. This has gone on for decades in this state. Many resign themselves to the fact that they have to do cleaning, lawn mowing and so on because there is nothing else and so they do the work. They pick grapes, do cleaning if they can get it over the foreign workers, deliver junk mail, and so on just to make money. Then some employers engage in victim-blaming and accuse job seekers of being lazy and expecting too much. What an insulting slap in the face for all their effort and all because of a minority of lazy job seekers.

It is the employers that expect far too much. They use a range of completely pathetic, and sometimes genuine excuses of course, to refuse to hire any of the genuine job seekers. Then they whinge because they have an entitlement complex. They do not want to hire Australian workers but exploit foreigners instead because they believe that they are entitled to. They deserve to go out of business.

Why are these whinging employers not hiring the first person that walks through the door, having jumped through all the hoops, and gained previous experience too, and with a genuine desire to work regardless of crappy hours and pay? Why are these people not being hired? There is absolutely no excuse for whinging if you will not hire any of these people. Any employer that still complains after refusing to hire such a candidate deserves no support from anyone. No wonder we have deliberately created “skills shortages”. It is not lazy job seekers, it is entitled employers to blame.

Boycott these companies

Take note of the company’s name when you see an employer whinging and avoid them. Something just does not add up and it is clear that they are not worth working for at all. And you would not want to be a customer, either. If they have no idea how to hire staff, they refuse to support Australians, then you can be assured that they have no idea how to deal with customers.

Callous comments from job seekers

Having said that, let us look at the other side of the coin. If you are a job seeker, or are likely to be one in the next few years, then keep your comments minimal on public Facebook pages. Always speak in an appropriate manner if you must post. Remember also that Google may index any post with your name and comment. That can be searched for later by an employer. Keep your profile blocked from public view so that employers cannot snoop around like Centrelink does.

I would take the names of people who post callous comments in social media and keep those names on file. There is a culture of ignorance and callousness in this country and it is evident in social media every day. The Advertiser’s Facebook page is the first place in which you will find this type of behaviour. Plenty of companies keep an eye on the public’s social media comments. If a resume from a person who has made a callous comment publicly crosses my desk then it would go straight in the bin if their name is in my file. Why would I want to hire a moron?

Final thoughts

So to close this post, just keep these points in mind if you are a job seeker. Never post any comment on social media that you would not want coming back to haunt you later. That includes jobs postings Facebook pages and groups that employers and job seekers read. One person claiming to be an admin of one such page disagreed with me last week on The Advertiser’s Facebook page.

Be wary of job ads social media pages

I mentioned to her in a comment reply to what she posted that 60,000 people were recorded as being unemployed last month in this state. That is according to the media stories last week about the unemployment rate but the real rate is higher. Her response was that this is all bull because her Facebook page has plenty of jobs. It does not have 60,000 jobs, let us face it. She then mentioned that an employer on her page reckons that job seekers are lazy and should take anything. It is as if plenty of people do not already do that because they have no choice. She and some employers on her page must think that the public came down in the last shower and the idea of taking any work is a new concept?

Well, that did not go down well with people on her own page when the discussion began there. She asked if employers are to blame or if it is job seekers being lazy. Then she posted an employer’s comment about lazy job seekers. The public’s reaction was swift and nasty just as you would expect. She has tried to back peddle in the days since and has even resorted to censorship. She does not realise the sort of damage that she has done to her page by posting such ignorance. So be careful if you are a job seeker and avoid posting comments on job ads pages. You just never know who is reading it all.

Start your own show

Ultimately, it is even more clear now that employers are completely unreliable and full of pathetic excuses. People in other states where there is high unemployment in some areas decided to start their own business years ago, statistics continue to show. That does not mean that they are all working full-time if the work is not there but any number of hours helps. Yes we cannot all mow lawns or clean houses when not everyone can afford to pay for that service. However, finding an edge and starting your own small business is the way of the future it seems. It is a case of having to because job seekers just cannot rely on unreliable, whinging, moaning employers.

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