South Australians not tearing down “pessimistic” state

South Australians not tearing down “pessimistic” state

South Australians not tearing down “pessimistic” state

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There is a mistaken belief that too many South Australians seem to “delight in tearing down their home state”. Pessimistic South Australia is what a few people call these “whiners”. That minority also mistakenly believe that locals are completely oblivious to the positive aspects of living here. Here is a quick reality check.

There was a reader letter in the local newspaper recently. It selected a small number of examples of why locals appear to “tear down their home state”. The chosen examples were of unimportant places and objects in the metropolitan area. The much more important things are still not being addressed after decades of inaction. This is why people whinge. It makes one wonder why we pay a range of taxes? We also wonder why we still cannot even get the basics right after all these decades of neglect?

The “whiners” know the good things but have a financial interest through taxes in discussing what still needs to be done. The blame should be laid on the doorstep of both political parties who have played a part. Saying that those with a financial interest are not entitled to speak out is like saying that shareholders with voting rights should not have any say in company elections. It is a completely ludicrous narrative that needs to change.

The Australian Constitution provides an implied right to free speech. This is especially in regard to political discussion, which is what much of our “whining” is related to. A minority can disagree with the constitution all they like. However, it is for us the public to decide to use free speech and us only. We should never tolerate a laughable lecture from those who seek to silence us!

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