Rolling blackouts ordered in Adelaide heat 8th February, 2017

Rolling blackouts ordered in Adelaide heat 8th February, 2017

Rolling blackouts ordered in Adelaide heat 8th February, 2017

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SA Power Networks was asked to commence load shedding rolling blackouts tonight causing a brief blackout for 40,000 customers.

Electricity load shedding in Adelaide happened nearly every summer after electricity was privatised. People died. Renewables were not a convenient scapegoat for blame by vested interests in coal back then. It was the old, neglected electricity infrastructure that could not handle the surge in use. The same applies now so do not be fooled by lies by the Libs and right wing media. Now we have a power generation story to add to it today.

The penny must surely be dropping in the wider community by now? An extra interstate interconnecter, underground lines to avoid storm damage (that renewables do not cause), a segmented grid, and so on. These are all ideas that some people have come up with to fix the infrastructure disaster.

Tonight’s story related to transmission line problems and a gas-powered electricity plant being offline. So once again the old infrastructure disaster has struck in a way.

SA Power Networks tweeted the following “excuse” as it happened a few hours ago:

AEMO has instructed us to commence 100MW rotational #load shedding via Govt agreed list due to lack of available generation supply in SA.


AEMO has called end to load shedding, we are restoring power. Should take 10 to 15 minutes. Approx 40,000 customers affected about 30mins.

Tom Koutsantonis said:

There was an issue with the ElectraNet transmission lines in Port Lincoln, which meant that the Port Lincoln generators couldn’t turn on.

They were caught short by not instructing the second unit at Pelican Point [in Adelaide] to turn on.

No gas meant no power in this case. Renewable energy like wind and solar had absolutely nothing to do with that and yet it will be blamed. It was a human decision not to have the plant on. More below.

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Let’s blame aliens, the Easter Bunny or renewables?

As usual the renewables blaming has begun. It shows a lack of understanding of a simple concept. That is that it matters not how we generate electricity, it is the infrastructure that needs to be fixed first. Blackouts will still occur until it is fixed. We could have spent millions on coal-fired power stations instead of wind farms. But would those power plants stop strong winds blowing trees over onto exposed power lines causing blackouts? Would those power plants stop strong winds crumbling exposed transmission lines? Obviously the answer is no and that is just common sense. We must put the horse before the cart and fix the infrastructure mess before we consider anything or we will still have blackouts. Blackouts still occurred when we did have a coal-fired power station. It did not stop blackouts.

It really is not rocket science but some people still believe the nonsense. Thankfully, most people have woken up a bit more to the fact that the infrastructure disaster MUST be fixed. Blackouts will still occur until it is fixed. Will a new coal-fired power station or an old one suddenly get up, walk off, and take the jobs of engineers, electricians and construction workers in upgrading the infrastructure? If you believe that it will then I have got a great block of land on Mars to sell you.

Did you know that renewables blow trees onto exposed power lines causing blackouts in a storm? No? Well that is the sort of utter nonsense that we are led to believe? This time it will be that renewables made the decision to keep the gas-fired power plant offline. See how this complete load of nonsense works? They think you are completely stupid and will believe that. It does not matter how we generate power, blackouts will still occur until the infrastructure disaster is fixed. You can take that to the bank!

Other states have better power infrastructure so you will notice that renewables are not blamed for electricity privatisation problems there. It is just so obvious what the deal is and it is the infrastructure. How would you drive a car if there were no roads to drive on? It would not matter if the car was electric or petrol-powered. If there are no roads then you are not going anywhere. See? It is the same sort of thing with electricity. Poor infrastructure leads to blackouts. It does not matter how you generate electricity. Build a nuclear plant if you want but will the infrastructure handle it? No! So why waste money on a coal station when that money should first be spent on the infrastructure?

Let us, as an example here for a bit, put the cart before the horse and get rid of all wind farms and blow a ton of dough on coal-fired power stations instead – just to shut everyone the hell up. What do you think is going to happen during the next big storm when power lines and transmission towers are still exposed? Do you think that filling the state with coal-fired power stations will stop trees falling onto exposed power lines in strong winds causing blackouts? Do you think that coal will stop transmission towers from crumbling in strong winds like they did last year?

Think about all that when you read the lies blaming renewables, aliens or the Easter Bunny. Put on your tin foil hat for the fun of it while you read the nonsense from right wing vested interests and their media sycophants 🙂

Renewables did it? Coal will stop it?

renewables falsely blamed

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