Misdirected outrage after bus passengers help girl evicted by guards

Misdirected outrage after bus passengers help girl evicted by guards

Misdirected outrage after bus passengers help girl evicted by guards

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A girl and her bike were evicted from an Adelaide bus late at night and it has sparked the usual brainless outrage. Unfortunately, the outrage fails to be directed at the decision makers higher up.

How hard is it to have buses that have racks to carry bikes as seen in the photo below? They have had them for years interstate but we are too stupid to think of this here??? It is yet another example of something that should have been implemented years ago in this state.

It is not helpful that state government rules prohibit bikes on buses and trams because there is no room like there is on trains. So how about taking the outrage out on the state government instead of workers following procedure?

Yes the workers could have turned a blind eye using the excuse that it is a train substitute bus. That still does not make it a train. It is still a bus. But then people would whinge and moan about bikes on buses in the early hours of the morning. Dammed if you do, dammed if you do not. Why do bus drivers not have an alternative arrangement for the few people that might have a bike late at night? Where is that duty of care, some can just as easily ask?

Take it out on the state government rather than workers trying to scratch together a menial living.

Why are we that stupid here that we cannot come up with solutions like the example in the photo? Why should we tolerate the public abusing workers? They could be sacked if they do not follow procedure to avoid a lawsuit for injury if the bike hits a passenger when the bus stops suddenly? Why are we failing to take it out on the decision makers who are responsible?

It is unbelievable that we are so far behind. And then imagine the outcry if there were no security officers there and the girl was abused by passengers for having her bike there? We may as well withdraw all security and transit police and let the public transport users bash each other. They cry one minute that there is no security and then abuse security when they are there. The breed of some of the public transport users these days is f’ed up. How do we deport them?

I am completely sick and tired of the backwards f’ed up dingbat nature of the faux outrage brigade, including the lying media not telling the full story. It is well and truly time this state bloody well grew up!!!! There are far too many excuses and not enough intelligent action!

By the way, am I correct in assuming that the final decision rests with the bus driver for safety reasons and not security who were probably called?

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