Malcolm Turnbull donated $1.75 million to 2016 election campaign

Malcolm Turnbull donated $1.75 million to 2016 election campaign

Malcolm Turnbull donated $1.75 million to 2016 election campaign

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Malcolm Turnbull donated $1.75 million to the Liberal Party election campaign in 2016. He made the campaign donation admission when he was pressed by Stan Grant on ‘7:30’ on Wednesday. He then discussed his annoyance about a nickname that Bill Shorten uses for him that Peta Credlin sometimes used also.

There were reports in the media last year that Mr Turnbull made a donation of at least $1 million to the Liberal Party. Some of the public have said this week that he bought himself the job with his admission that it was even more than that amount. He told Stan Grant that the donation was to keep Labor out of government. It does not seem like a level playing field given that Mr Shorten’s wealth is considerably less one would assume?

It was all well and good for him to bag Mr Shorten in a way for not being as wealthy but the nickname was given to him for more than one reason. He is living on a completely different planet regardless of how he puts his money where his mouth is.

Also, Mr Turnbull explained to the press club that day that his globalist plans of devastating our lives even more will continue. He still believes that company tax cuts are the answer. He fails to recognise that other things have to be done if that plan is to succeed like it has in a few other countries that are low tax environments but not fully a tax haven. Slashing regulations is one thing that is a matter of an emergency. The burden of regulations (not all of which are for health and safety) cost the economy more than $100 billion a year, if you believe the figures floating around last year.

He still has no intention of slashing corporate welfare or tightening corporate tax incentive laws that represent a loss of billions in revenue to the Budget. But he claims that workers might be $750 a year better off … in 10 years from now. Then he would have Centrelink claim that $2 a day back under a fictitious debt scam like the current fraudulent one?

We are still waiting for Abbott’s $550 a year better off amount?

Would a personal tax rate cut be far more appropriate right now as a matter of urgency? Surely it would help the economy more for a brief while? There is a jobs crisis that is not being resolved. Prices are outsripping wage growth. Millions are struggling and the PM continues to sit on his hands and do nothing. What are we paying him for? We are certainly not paying for him to brag to Stan Grant that he pays the expenses for his home while Shorten wants to one day live in a certain Harbourside mansion at tax payer expense.

Video of the interview is on the ABC News website at Malcolm Turnbull admits donating $1.75 million to election campaign.

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