Immigrants create jobs but where are the jobs that immigrants create?

Immigrants create jobs but where are the jobs that immigrants create?

Immigrants create jobs but where are the jobs that immigrants create?

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Immigrants create jobs, property developers and a few economists say. But where are the jobs that immigrants create? News about the jobs crisis, 60,000 retail sector job losses in 2016 and $15bn a year in social security for foreigners (including immigrants) has further busted the myth that immigrants create jobs. Immigrants can be exploited and that leaves the rest of us working longer hours for lower pay to keep our job. Consumer and business confidence is lower than ever.

Clearly immigrants do not increase participation and productivity. All the figures lately indicate that government policy is only helping the really rich at the expense of everyone else and taxation revenue. There are already some excellent articles out there in which the immigrants create jobs myth is busted. They debunk flawed studies and frantically hysterical myths of increased demand by immigrants and subsequent job creation. I will focus on some recent news stories here.


Some European countries are battling high unemployment and excessive immigration. Failed government policy is being blamed. It is not quite that bad in Australia but bad enough. So opening the floodgates of immigration (200,000 a year in Australia), and bringing in “skilled” migrants (tens of thousands), creates more jobs and demand for cars, houses and so on?

If that were true then shops and other businesses would be absolutely flat out? They would be creating more casual shifts through to full-time jobs due to heavy consumer demand? Right? Wrong! Here are some recent news stories for you to consider. These stories are an example of failed government policy. They might further add to the discussion that busts this myth at the current time?

Related discussion

As a side issue firstly, there are a couple of points to make. Historical data shows that the Liberal Party opened the floodgates in the Howard era. Labor reduced immigration in all but one year. The Liberals then reopened the floodgates under Abbott and then Turnbull. It is an inconvenient truth that the Murdoch newspapers and some Liberal voters are in denial about in social media discussions.

I would also like to point out that it is utter nonsense to cry “racism” when people talk about the immigration debate. That is a form of fascism designed to censor genuine debate and we should not tolerate it. White people come here too and so racism has nothing to do with it. Political correctness has no place in genuine debate.

There are excuses that Australia was built on immigration and that immigrants will pay our pension (when we know that there will be no pension one day). These excuses do not cut it at the moment and should not be used to shut down debate. The hysterical can take a break from that for a while. Similarly excuses about our obligation can be put aside for a while too. Yes our wars over oil and gas are part of the cause of higher immigration. Our greedy corporations use governments to bully other countries. The fact is that we never asked the government, nor were we ever asked by them, to get involved in invasions that would ultimately increase immigration to Australia. These are topics that are outside of the scope of this post.

Immigrants create higher social security

Immigrants and other foreigners (dual citizens for example) are apparently receiving $15 billion a year in social security. Clearly some immigrants cannot afford cars and houses at all. Many of them came here through the humanitarian program. They are flat broke, have to learn English, and rely on charities for furniture and help. Some even get a cheap car (for free sometimes) through others from their community that have come here already. I have seen that happen with my own eyes. The ignorant think that immigrants click their finger and it all falls out of the sky for them. That is simply not true at all.

See story: MSN, Foreigners living in Australia get $15 billion a year in welfare payments by Sarah Kimmorley in ‘Business Insider Australia’ on 8/05/2017.

Immigrants create jobs … but there’s a jobs crisis

The jobs crisis, including 60,000 retail jobs being lost in 2016, is another example of what is going on at the moment. If immigrants were creating all these jobs then we would probably not have 3 million unemployed (including hidden unemployed) and underemployed people? There are less than 190,000 advertised vacant jobs at any given time (plus some in the hidden job market). You do not have to be all that smart to see that the jobs crisis is huge. Sure there are other factors involved, like foreign students here taking some of the work, 457 visa workers being exploited, low business and consumer confidence and so on. So of course immigration is not entirely to blame but it is one factor.

Small family-run businesses, operated by immigrants as well as locals, have been closing in recent years. That adds to unemployment. I have seen three of them close near where I live just recently. One was run by an immigrant family. People just were not shopping there. Some independent clothing stores have been in the media in the last year because they closed as well. There are other businesses we all see closing too. This adds to unemployment. It is what happens when demand just is not there at the moment. Businesses fall behind in rent and loan repayments. They then end up going into liquidation or close when the landlord swipes the assets to auction off. More immigrants will NOT suddenly increase demand at all. If it did then this would be reflected in the consumer and business confidence figures and retail spending figures a little more.

Age discrimination

Age discrimination is rife in the workplace as well. This certainly does not help. Then there is high youth unemployment. Where are all these mythical jobs for those age groups? The jobs that anyone can do and do not require age discrimination? Immigrants would create demand for these groups to start their own very small business but it is just not happening.

ABC Radio Adelaide: Age discrimination: Over 50s search twice as long for work than 15-24yos by Brett Williamson on 19/05/17.

The New Daily: Latest jobs numbers for older female workers ‘very alarming’: experts by Jackson Stiles on 18/05/17.

The Conversation: Age discrimination in the workplace happening to people as young as 45: study by Justine Irving on 27/04/17.

Latest jobs data for April 2017

Only 37,000 part-time jobs were created nationally in April. Remember that it has been widely known since the 1980s that the real rate of unemployment is much higher than the flawed official rate. Also, the labour participation rate still remains at around 65% and is not budging.

A related story about punishing unemployed instead of trying to solve the jobs crisis looks at the horror jobs crisis with current figures. This quote below is similar to what I have been saying here and elsewhere for ages.

In its latest report, the ABS recorded 186,400 total job vacancies. Compare this to the number of unemployed, underemployed (and what the ABS refers to as “the hidden unemployed”) and you’re potentially left with over three million Australians currently looking for work.

Effectively, this means that for every job available, there are 17 job seekers. In light of these stats, it’s staggering that so much unemployment policy focuses on the deficiencies of the individual – conveniently, it seems, there’s no room to even acknowledge the severe structural deficiencies in the job market.

Source: Guardian Australia: Punishing the unemployed doesn’t create more jobs. It demoralises jobseekers by Jeremy Poxon on 19/05/17.

Retail jobs gone, trade down slightly, foreign students taking more work

Business Insider Australia: Australia’s retail sector shed nearly 60,000 jobs over the past year by David Scutt on 16/05/2017.

The Australian: Retail sector ‘verging on recession’ by Petrina Berry, Australian Associated Press, on 9/05/17.

Guardian Australia: Work visas: students often forced to breach conditions, lawyers say by Naaman Zhou on 22/04/17.

See also internal site post about slave labour in Australia, including companies exploiting foreigners illegally. Slaving Away – Four Corners, shows tip of slave labour iceberg on 05/05/2015. Since then multiple companies have been exposed for being involved in “cash back” scams where foreign workers (usually students) are bullied into giving back half their wages.

So where exactly is the demand and where are all these jobs that immigrants create?

Final thoughts


Experts have said this year that the infrastructure, not just the jobs crisis, is not handling the increasing population. Spending on infrastructure is too insufficient at the moment to keep up with it. No government would never catch up with infrastructure spending that caters for the whole population if they stupidly keep bringing in more people and doing very little about infrastructure. Our roads are clogged, public transport is woeful, and on and on it goes. It is all about failed government policy.

We should go back to training our own but instead we gut TAFE and wonder why fewer apprenticeships are available. We then bring in “skilled” migrants to add to the problem while we exploit foreign students who can pay the full fee up front. Locals could be doing the jobs that they take, including building the infrastructure that skilled workers are brought in to build. You cannot legislate against sheer stupidity but if we could then whole governments would be in prison.

No common sense anymore

Overall, common sense tells us that we must REDUCE our population until the situation is well under control. That goes against the brainwashing using fuzzy statistics and logic being given to university students and journalists at the moment. It is too late anyway because the damage has been done.

Australia is no longer the land of the “fair go” in an uneven playing field in the jobs market. Jobs keep going offshore, including government jobs. Countless job seekers have jumped through all the hoops to no avail. The public criticises employers for refusing to hire them. Employers criticise job seekers because of a lazy minority. We are at war with each other and the government and big business is laughing at us.

Times have changed and not entirely for the better for many Australians. Australia is no longer the luck country. Birth rates are down because of job uncertainty in part. People can no longer afford to pay their bills and some use credit cards to do so (that’s partly why credit card debt is at a record high). So the government continues to distract ignorant people from failed policy. They use nonsense about welfare recipients. They would all be outraged if someone wound them up about immigrants on welfare and lower living standards for us all 🙂

Update – 17/7/17

Young migrants a boon for growing workforce – The Australian

Sure there are a few that shift the age profile of the workforce a little bit. However, what perpetual growth myth peddlers won’t tell you is that a range of figures this year shows that our open borders (high immigrant intake + refugees) is NOT creating a ton of jobs in the current jobs crisis.

And the excuses provided in the article are woeful and completely laughable. They do not match reality for unemployed and underemployed workers in different age brackets who are experiencing discrimination in various forms.

This article is subscription so you might have to google the title for the cached version. Selected quotes and opinion about them are below. Young migrants a boon for growing workforce

In a presentation to be made to the Melbourne Institute/The Australian Economic and Social Outlook Conference this week, leading demographer Peter ­McDonald says that, without ­migration, there would have been no increase at all in the number of workers younger than 55 over the past five years.

This is completely untrue for a number of reasons.

Unemployed Australians are largely people who are very low-skilled. They are early school dropouts. Sometimes they get jobs in a boom period, when ­labouring jobs increase, but most of the time they stay out of the workforce.

Again, completely untrue for a number of reasons.

Calls for lower migration rates have not only been based on the claim that migrants are taking jobs that Australian-born residents could fill, but have also pointed to the impact of rapid population growth on housing prices, urban congestion and ­cultural tensions.

These calls for restricting immigration until the jobs crisis and other factors experts have all mentioned this year (e.g. infrastructure) are under control are completely correct. No one should apologise for mentioning those, regardless of the excuses of the ignorant!

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