Australia’s dole “bludger” suburbs “named, shamed” fake news

Australia’s dole “bludger” suburbs “named, shamed” fake news

Australia’s dole “bludger” suburbs “named, shamed” fake news

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Australia’s dole “bludger” suburbs were “named and shamed” by the Liberal Party and its propaganda media arm, News Corp, in some recycled fake news today. It is a shame that the government refuses to even try to solve the jobs crisis instead of peddling dog whistling distraction stories to try to fool a few ignorant people. Common sense might have gone out the window years ago in this country, but if the politicians actually had any common sense then you would think that they would try to help the “bludger” suburbs to get people off welfare and into jobs? It seems highly suspicious that the government refuses to help in any way.

Here are two topics that the media will not tell you. The Murdoch papers do not tell their ignorant readers that everyone, including the unemployed, pay a range of “unrecoverable taxes” outside of income tax. Yes, even dole “bludgers” pay these. The rest of the laughable pittance that they recover from previous taxes in their time of need goes straight back into the community as well as into the hands of tax rorting landlords or the banks. Also, the newspapers would not dream of publishing a list of corporate welfare bludging suburbs where the owners of companies pay no tax. Something is seriously wrong in our society when we have a failed government trying to distract part of the public through Murdoch propaganda.

There are so many questions that continue to go unanswered by these recycled mostly fake news “welfare bludger” stories where the figures are either inflated or represent less than a few per cent of total number of dole recipients. How many of the job seekers have jumped through all the hoops to no avail because, like the public says, plenty of employers refuse to hire locals when cheaper 457 visa workers can be brought in to some of those towns? It is not 100 per cent the fault of job seekers. Failed government policy must be blamed as well.

Why is the media peddling distractions about fake crackdowns to fool the ignorant instead of demanding that the government buy a clue about solving the jobs crisis? There is a huge national shortage of jobs. So many more questions that show the failures of the media.

Anyway, back to the fake news today. A few hundred people in each of the suburbs mentioned in the news stories did not turn up to appointments at Centrelink or at the multi-billion waste of our tax dollars known as Jobactive (where alleged fraud by providers goes unchecked). Some did not go to job interviews. The Guardian revealed that the number for one of these suburbs is less than one per cent of the entire council area. But the government and the media would have you believe that this is a crisis.

The real crisis is the government’s total failure to even attempt to solve the jobs crisis.

There are:

  • 800,000 officially unemployed people,
  • An estimated 1 million hidden unemployed,
  • 1.3 million underemployed

There are 190,000 advertised jobs at any given time (some are fake ads), plus some in the hidden jobs market. You really do not need to be very smart to see that there is a huge national deficit of jobs. What we urgently need is a government brave enough to do something about it. Sadly we do not have such a government at the moment!

Further reading

Guardian Australia, Coalition accused of vilification after releasing list of ‘bludger hotspots’, by Christopher Knaus, Tuesday 13 June 2017.

Update: 14/6/17

Looking at all the usual ignorant people commenting on this topic on Facebook and it is not hard to see why the media wins at fooling so many people. Some are in denial that there is a jobs crisis just because they had no problem getting work. There are plenty of people that do not have a problem getting work but that in no way means that there is not a jobs crisis.

The people in denial also say that there is no jobs crisis just because one has to look beyond just Seek to find advertised jobs. The figure for advertised job vacancies is usually for all websites and newspapers. Most of these source ads from Seek and CareerOne. But yes there are job ads on Gumtree and in Facebook job ad pages and so on. The total number DOES NOT begin to cover the jobs shortage and neither do the jobs available in the hidden jobs market.

Then there are the twits who believe the fake welfare bashing news in the media that tries to suggest that all welfare recipients are bludgers just because they missed an appointment or job interview. The media does not always tell you that there are some legit reasons for why some people miss appointments and job interviews – like being called in to their casual job at short notice, for example. Just because that does not suit the KPIs and profit margins of Jobactive does not mean that a penalty needs to apply for the dole recipient who might only be underemployed in that case.

There are also the usual ignorant bogans who say that all “dole bludgers” should be drug tested. This completely failed in all other countries that tried it and it cost more than it was worth. Why not extend that to CEOs, managers and politicians who make the decisions that lead to unemployment in the first place? What do they have to hide? Plenty of people are on drugs in wealthy suburbs. The police catch some of them out during a blitz at school drop off points, for example. If only the ignorant would wake up!

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