CBD traders near Victoria Square crying over Royal Croquet Club 2017

CBD traders near Victoria Square crying over Royal Croquet Club 2017

CBD traders near Victoria Square crying over Royal Croquet Club 2017

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CBD traders in Adelaide hounded the Royal Croquet Club out of Victoria Square last year. It was set up in Pinky Flat this year and was a roaring success. Now the same lying traders are crying again because Victoria Square was dead in recent weeks.

It is a lesson in hypocrisy in Adelaide. CBD businesses spread easily debunked lies and myths over the last few years that the major events, especially the Royal Croquet Club (RCC), were taking business away from them around Victoria Square. There was little evidence to support the lies by way of fact or from what the public witnessed. In fact it was the opposite of what they said in reality for some businesses.

The businesses were asked why they failed to register as a Fringe venue to capitalise on it. They were also asked why they failed to offer what customers wanted. Customers exercised their right to vote with their money and go elsewhere like they do for food trucks over cafes. Victoria Square has been dead in the last month. The businesses that were sent more customers, including tourists, previously are now crying about the lack of customers lately.

Some of the public is also crying about how dead Victoria Square is. Now we wait for them to moan about the grass in Pinky Flat like they did with Victoria Square 🙂

Some traders in North Adelaide say that they experienced a small boom in business from Royal Croquet Club 2017 patrons parking there (especially when nothing was on at Adelaide Oval). The RCC was like a nightclub on weekends with the usual huge queue, of entitled pisshead younguns who think that they are exempt from rules and laws, up until the usual 1am lockout. There were people after that who, in my observation as I left one night, seemed to think that lockouts do not apply to them. Not everyone was like that of course. People including myself when I visited saw Stuart Duckworth darting around every weekend late at night ensuring that the fruits of his labor ran smoothly.

This is contrary to a myth being peddled by an ignorant troll group in the public comments on a similar article in The Advertiser a few days ago. So he was not over at his bricks and mortar businesses running the show, he was at the RCC. Now some CBD traders want the Fringe back at Victoria Square. One cannot have much sympathy for them. The lesson to be learned is that it is all about adapting. With an increased capacity of 7,000 and more bars this year, it was sweet revenge for the Royal Croquet Club 2017.

One wonders how CBD traders ever survived before they had the goose that laid the golden RCC egg when it was in Victoria Square? It is funny that Mr Duckworth is able to run multiple bricks and mortar businesses all year in the city and employ people all year, plus run a winter and a spring event, while others cry because their business plan is clearly a flop. The consumer always decides and they have well and truly voted with their money so bad luck!


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