#AusPol A rant about jobseeker blaming, plus two job ads boards

#AusPol A rant about jobseeker blaming, plus two job ads boards

#AusPol A rant about jobseeker blaming, plus two job ads boards

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I read stories sometimes about #Jobactive clients being badgered to get off the dole and get a job. I read that their consultant claims to know of employers that they deal with who are crying out for staff. We also see attacks in the media against dole recipients. This leads to certain obvious jobseeker blaming questions.

We know from the figures that there is a jobs crisis.

We know that part of that includes high underemployment (the highest in many years).

It is an employer’s market where they can pick and chose from the overwhelming number of job applicants. Some employers warn applicants that “only successful applicants will be contacted due to the high number of applications”. Age discrimination is rife.

Jobseeker blaming questions

Question: There is zero excuse for any employer to be crying out for more staff in a jobs crisis at the moment. So why are they doing it? Pay rate too low? Some people would still take the work for now. Poor quality clients? Some people would put up with it until something better becomes available. Too many clients and not enough staff (plus low pay rate)? Then stop taking on more clients for a while and/or lift the pay rate to attract more staff. Do wage subsidies have anything to do with it? So why are a minority of employers crying foul when there is zero excuse and several potential solutions?

Question: Why are Jobactive providers not clamouring for their referral fee if they know of employers behaving in the aforementioned way? Why are they instead running courses to find people instead of putting them straight into work if there is that much work around? Greater profit from courses than referral fees?

Question: Countless job seekers have jumped through many of the hoops to make themselves as employable as possible, and at considerable expense, and all to no avail. The public complains that employers are refusing to hire locals. Why are employers refusing to hire them? Why are they instead blaming these genuine job seekers just because of a few perceived lazy ones?

Job creation

We know that an increase in consumer demand is the only thing that will create more jobs in SMEs, and some economic growth. Yes plenty of SMEs are struggling at the moment. Jobactive cannot solve the jobs crisis because only an increase in consumer demand resulting in job creation in SMEs will solve that.

As hard as it may currently be for some businesses, the solution in part is for employers to stop their excuses and get on with the job of creating consistent work for people. That has a multiplier effect for economic growth across their local economy (and their profits). They should not be crying out for staff when there is high enough unemployment and record high underemployment. 800,000 officially unemployed, an estimated 1 million hidden unemployed, more than 1 million underemployed.

Jobactive providers should be genuinely earning their keep from the billions in our tax dollars that they parasitically leech off. Get people in front of the employers moaning instead of badgering job seekers, making excuses and making profit from training more people for sectors that already have high underemployment.

Too much common sense?

Adelaide job ads websites

While I am at it, here are a couple of local jobs boards on Facebook that job seekers may find useful?

Seek and Careerone are two starting points. Many of the smaller job websites source jobs ads from these two websites. The government’s Jobsearch has some jobs as well. The quality of those jobs is perceived by some as poor and there are sometimes fake ads there just as much as there are sometimes on other job websites. So one has to be careful to filter out rubbish.

Social media job ads boards

Facebook pages and groups also offer local job ads boards. These are usually free listings from local employers who need staff. Please be aware that the admins of some of these types of jobs pages, and occasionally employers who use them, have a dim view of job seekers. The latter also have a dim view of employers and their excuses just the same. Arguments about jobseeker-blaming have erupted on these types of pages before. See Warning for job seekers commenting in social media.

Here are just two of the local jobs boards on Facebook. Post a comment below if you know of others that could be added to this list?

Adelaide Jobs Board

Northern Adelaide Employment Opportunities and Surrounds

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