5 radical tax reform ideas Australia urgently needs

5 radical tax reform ideas Australia urgently needs

5 radical tax reform ideas Australia urgently needs

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Tax reform

Radical tax reform is urgently needed in Australia. There are ways to raise more taxes that still gives opt in/out options. If tax reform can be agreed on by Australian governments then the economy can be kickstarted again. The federal government wants to consider a user-pays system on our roads to fund infrastructure. They also want states to privatise even more assets. Why should we pay more when we have been fleeced multiple times before to pay for many of those? Here are some radical (i.e. common sense) ideas for tax reform if we must pay to use roads and infrastructure that we have already paid for over the years.

Radical tax reform brainstorming

Of course there will be criticisms of these ideas by the ignorant and self-proclaimed experts alike. However, these are merely ideas only, with pros and cons, and they require a shift in thinking to see their true value. Can you think of other potentially suitable ideas? Post a comment at the bottom of the page if you like?

Council rates

Council rates – a tax deduction for businesses and landlords but not homeowners. Unfair? You bet. Councils were created by the states and are not recognised in the Australian Constitution. Thus, councils are illegal under federal law and are therefore committing fraud and theft of land and cars for unpaid rates. Would it kill the federal government to lift the burden of this from homeowners by allowing council rates to become tax deductible? They will figure out another tax to replace it so very little will change. We need opt in/out options.

Toll roads

Toll roads are a circus! We must say no to toll roads when we have already paid countless times over and still have little to show for it (especially in South Australia). Excuses like electric cars not paying fuel excise does not cut it currently. This is because owners of those have previously paid over and again in petrol cars previously owned.


Stop punishing people for saving for their retirement if you do not want them on welfare later. All Superannuation contributions and income earned should be tax free. It is not there to be defrauded like everything else is. Pensioners slaved their guts out for years on a pittance when everything was significantly more affordable back then. If they have been taxed to buggery since then, and have little Super left to show for it, then they should be entitled to a welfare pension without criticism. A welfare pension is an “efficiency dividend” for making someone else rich at their own expense as a slave, and for paying tax along the way (i.e. producing more for less pay).

Lift the tax free threshold!

Lift the tax free threshold! This is the quickest and easiest way to get the economy moving again. It will have a multiplier effect across the nation and create some jobs for the unemployed and underemployed. More tax revenue can then be raised. It really is a no-brainer.


Limit corporate welfare until they prove that they have hired people born in Australia first! They must then wait for payment until new local employees have completed at least 3 or 6 months of work with their new employer. Less money being siphoned out of Australia and more tax raised locally is better for Australia.

Although there are plenty of other radical tax reform ideas, the ones above are all easy common sense ideas. I realise that we live in a country where common sense went out the window years ago. However, we can only try to force change somehow to improve the economy and our individual prosperity. Radical tax reform is a topic that the media in Australia can help the public to debate and alert politicians to do something about. There needs to be much more discussion on the topic.


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