Poor people are lazy, get a job?

Poor people are lazy, get a job?

Poor people are lazy, get a job?

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Poor people are lazy

Poor people are lazy and need to get a job according to the ignorant. Here is my response after seeing the following video full of ignorant people shaming poor people.

‘ATTN’ recently posted this American video on Facebook at We need to stop calling poor people lazy and it is the same here in Australia.

Poor people are far from lazy, they just need a break from relentless attacks on their income. This video is from America but it contains the same ignorance that we have seen in ‪‎Australia‬ since the conservatives took government.


The reality is that globalisation and neo-liberalism has wrecked lives. Government and private sector jobs are going offshore. Too many 457 visa workers are let in for fake skills shortages so that lower than legal wages can be paid. Too many immigrants and foreign students have been let in to take our jobs (and they have been exploited along the way). All well documented in the media and university economics texts.

The result is 1 million underemployed, 800,000 officially unemployed, and tens of thousands of unofficially unemployed that fall outside of the flawed jobs data survey. There are only 170,000 job vacancies on any given day (some still there for weeks). You do the math. There is a national deficit of some 630,000 jobs at least.

Meanwhile, the poor continue to be robbed from so that more tax revenue can be given away to lazy corporate welfare bludgers (billions of dollars).

They can’t get a consistent amount of work because there isn’t any while the conservatives cause consumers and businesses to be cautious, as previously exposed by analysts through the media. Economic growth is therefore low and so to is wage growth as full time jobs disappear.

Affect on society

People are delaying having children because they can’t afford to have children. Housing affordability is at an all-time low due to greed and overpricing in the property bubble. People are struggling with excessive taxes, excessive rents, excessive red tape hindering their ability to start a small business, excessive cost of living pressures and so on. And yet the ignorant attack wages for being too high to match prices that are way overpriced because of the above factors. And they want to kill local economies by slashing wages.

You can’t legislate against stupidity but if we could then the ignorant would be in prison.

Poor people, and even the struggling middle class now, are not lazy. They want to get ahead in life but they continue to face constant attacks on their income and ability to do what they can to get ahead among so many road blocks in their way.

Something needs to change as the recent election protest vote indicated. But what and how?


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