Insurance comparison websites in Australia misleading

Insurance comparison websites in Australia misleading

Insurance comparison websites in Australia misleading

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Insurance comparison websites in Australia are still misleading. Some Australian insurance consumers forget how insurance comparison websites work. Here are some points to remember.


We have all seen the media stories. They tell us that comparison websites earn a commission by promoting partner organisations. Consumers pay for that when they buy insurance or another product that they see in comparison websites. The websites are another parasitic, non-productive sector of the economy. They unnecessarily add costs to what consumers pay. Unfortunately the law still allows it. Insurance companies will of course tell you that it costs a lot of money to acquire and keep a customer. So payments have to be made to those who help in that process.

Google a related insurance comparison websites search

Google AutoSuggest provides a hint if you would like to find information on which companies are not included in insurance comparison websites. Go to Google and enter insurance not on comparison websites in the search box. This might help you to find the names of other companies to look up online. Then you can do your own research and make a much more informed choice. Look for insurances policies that do not ask for commissions or similar names like trailing fees.

News published a story today that looks at how one insurance comparison website mainly focuses on its parent company’s products. You can read the article and see a video on what to look for at insurance comparison websites at Compare the Market mainly compares insurance offered by its parent company by John Rolfe on 1st November, 2016. Ironically, the article finished by promoting another parasitic in-house product. The commissions are not shared with consumers like they probably should be to help reduce their electricity bills. Got to love capitalism? 🙂

More information

Choice, Insurance comparison sites – Our review of comparison websites reveals some hidden catches by Jodi Bird on 19th August 2014.

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