Centrelink dole bludgers, jobs crisis, Australian welfare terrorism

Centrelink dole bludgers, jobs crisis, Australian welfare terrorism

Centrelink dole bludgers, jobs crisis, Australian welfare terrorism

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Centrelink dole bludgers give genuine welfare recipients a bad name. Here we take a look at what Centrelink dole bludgers are, if there is a jobs crisis, and ask what is the point of welfare terrorism.

What are Centrelink dole bludgers?

Dole bludgers are people who actively choose not to look for work or meet other “mutual obligation” requirements in return for their welfare payment. They sit around watching television and playing video games and doing the exact opposite in general of what they are supposed to be doing, so the theory goes.

Obviously there is only a small number of people that engage in this type of conscious decision. Everyone else on “Newstart” (a joke of a name) finds it difficult to meet the excessive cost of living in Australia and they are desperate to get off welfare. There is only one problem: the jobs crisis that News Corporation newspapers and the Liberal Party would have you believe is a fiction story.

Is there a jobs crisis in Australia?

If we look at the ABS August unemployment figures we see the following:

  • Unemployed (officially): 713,300/24 million population
  • Underemployed: 1,110,100/24 million population
  • Hidden unemployment: 1,386,000/24 million population
  • Job vacancies (advertised, excludes hidden vacancies): 170,000
  • That is 19 job seekers just for each advertised job.

Now you tell me, does that look like a fiction story to you? Or is does it look like a jobs crisis? You have to have a certain level of unemployment because it is a key economic indicator. However, this current jobs crisis is ludicrous. The September figures show that the economy lost nearly 10,000 full-time jobs.

Australian welfare terrorism

So what is the point of the ignorant government launching their welfare terrorism attack? They continue giving away tens of billions of our tax dollars in corporate welfare but cry about welfare for the disadvantaged. They continue to turn a blind eye to Jobactive fraud. Where are the real priorities? Jobactive should be axed. It is a multi-billion parasitic waste of OUR money. That money could be used to actually create real, productive jobs. That would be just too much common sense in this country but you know?

The new data-driven welfare terrorism attack on the elderly, sick, disabled, carers, students, unemployed, will not magically create millions of urgently needed jobs. Attacking “double-dipping” mothers on paid parental leave will not help the economy, either. We must treat it with great suspicion that the right-wing lunatics in this country (Liberal Party and News Corporation fiction writers) seem to want people to stay poor and not pay tax. Do they not want people spending in their rich friends businesses? It would seem highly strange if they do not?


Underemployment is on the rise as full-time jobs are converted to part-time jobs. Businesses that convert full-time jobs to part-time jobs are collectively shooting themselves in the foot. The multiplier affect might result in an economic downturn when more people are less able to afford to buy the basics let alone anything else. But, no, these underemployed who receive welfare are just like all of the unemployed, the ignorant full of righteous indignation think. They are all dole bludgers, they reckon. Perhaps the ignorant should be drug tested before they are allowed to open their mouth? Politicians and CEOs should be drug tested too before they launch their latest lunatic ideas? They all think that welfare recipients should be drug tested when the vast majority are not drug users. Why not test their oppressors first?

Reality check: This myth that welfare recipients are all dole bludgers has been busted and discredited so many times now that anyone who says it is a joke. We pay politicians their salary through our taxes. If the lazy bludgers do not stop getting in the way of job creation then the Governor-General must sack the government?


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