Australia travel tips – buying fuel

Australia travel tips – buying fuel

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Here are some brief Australia travel tips for buying fuel when you are on vacation in Australia.

When buying fuel for your hire car for example, do not buy on weekends. Fuel prices are generally, but not always, higher on most weekends. There is also a common theory that prices are cheaper in areas of lower socio-economic status. However, like in some supermarkets, the reality is that prices in wealthier areas are actually cheaper quite often in most cities. If you do not believe this then take note of the prices at these places when passing through different sides of any city.

If you are travelling out into the countryside then fill the tank up in the city. Fuel prices are higher in rural areas, even if there is an oil refinery nearby.

There are fuel price watch web sites in different parts of Australia. These will give you daily pricing information so that you can see what stage the price cycle is at on any given day (high or low prices). Google that topic plus the city or rural area you are in or near to see if there is any information.

Also, do not be fooled by fuel discount receipts with your supermarket shopping. That was considered to be double dipping on profit before it even came in back in the early 1990s. It is merely a way of encouraging unnecessary spending to just to receive a few cents to a dollar or two off your fuel purchase. Prices were widely observed to have been inflated when this came in, the generally theory goes, so you may not be saving any money at all.

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