Fair suck of the sav definition

Fair suck of the sav definition

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A “fair suck of the sav” definition is vriefly explored here.

Here is a brief fair suck of the sav definition. The phrase ”fair suck of the sav” is like ”fair suck of the sauce bottle” and similar Australia sayings. A ”sav” by the way is a saveloy (a type of meat sausage) and really has nothing to do with the emotion being expressed in the saying.

The phrase here means that you think that the person’s comments or ideas are a bit ridiculous or a bit extreme or even mildly untruthful. So if I am serving hot dogs at the baseball, for example, and I ask for a price that seems a bit expensive, any Aussie might say fair suck of the sav, meaning that the price is ridiculous.


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