Why is Australia called the “Land Down Under” or “Oz”?

Why is Australia called the “Land Down Under” or “Oz”?

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Why is Australia called the “Land Down Under” or “Oz”? Why are the people in Australia called Aussies? In short, it is because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere and these other names are shortened versions in a way of Australia (Aus = Oz) and Australians (Australian residents = Aussies).

There is more about this below but you never call Australia itself “Aussie” as in “We’re going to Aussie!” but you call the residents of Australia “Aussies”. You can say Oz when referring to Australia just because “Aus” sounds like “Oz” and so that is what it has become by way of a short name. So that is why Australia is also called the land of Oz. Some Australians actually call it Oz for short, contrary to what some people will tell you.

Oh and also contrary to popular belief, Australians, or Aussies in other words, do not walk upside down just because they are on the other side of the planet. However, because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, it is also called the “Land Down Under”.

By the way, for those who are searching Google for the answer, the official language of Australia is English. It is not American English, y’all, nor is it British English, you there, it is Australian English, Cobber, and it has its own unique set of words called “lingo”.

What is an Aussie?

Aussie definition and meaning

Aussie is a slang word that refers to a citizen of Australia. People from Australia are called Australians or Aussies as a slang way of saying it. Some people mistakenly refer to Australia the country itself as ”Aussie” like when they talk about the Aussie dollar currency.


The word “Aussie” is pronounced in the same way as Ozzy Osbourne’s first name, for example. It is incorrect to pronounce it as “awe-see” because it sort of sounds like you are saying: “Come here, horsie!” 🙂


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