Australian slang words, phrases, sentences

Australian slang words, phrases, sentences

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Australian slang words, phrases, sentences and sayings can be puzzling to some people from other countries and slightly amusing to other people. It sort of makes Aussies sound like uneducated rednecks sometimes but it is unique form of the English language that only Aussies really understand. Here are a few slang phrases, a list, and links to a few sites offering more words, phrases and Australian slang sentences.

If an Aussie phone company trains people in their Indian call centre to say that the weather is “as dry as a dead dingo’s donger”, it generally means that it is stinking hot and dry rather than humid. I will not get into the literal meaning here but look up the word “donger” and you will figure that out quickly enough. If an Aussie asks you “where’s the dunny” then they are asking you where to find a nearby toilet. If it is a guy then perhaps he wants to flop out his “old fella” (refer to meaning of “donger”) and “hang a slash” which means he needs to urinate in the toilet. Strange language but something you hear all the time in Australia.

Here are some sites that offer a good list of Australian slang words, phrases and common Australian slang sayings.

Australians shorten a lot of names and words. This is explained on Australian Geographic’s Aussie slang: why we shorten words page.


Here are some short videos explaining common Australian slang words and phrases.

There are plenty more on where these two above came from.

What Australian slang words or phrases do you find puzzling or amusing?

Here is a small list of other uniquely Australian slang words and phrases that can be added to in comment posts below.

  • Arvo – afternoon
  • Barbie – BBQ – Barbecue
  • Bikkies – buscuits, cookies
  • Bloke – man
  • Bogan – similar to a redneck
  • Bonza and also ripper – great or excellent
  • Blowie – a fly
  • Brekkie – breakfast
  • Crack a coldie – open a beer
  • Crack a fat – erection
  • Crikey – holy s***!
  • Hoon – reckless automobile driver
  • Mozzie – mosquito
  • Footy – Australian rules football game and the actual football people kick
  • Thongs – flip flops
  • Too right – Exactly, I agree!
  • Tucker – food

Can you think of other Australian slang words, phrases and sentences? Add them below if you like? Here are more in a slightly expanded look at each of them.

Aussie slang words, phrases, sentences, meanings, definitions, synonyms

What does “arvo” mean?

Arvo in Australian slang is defined as the afternoon on any given day. It is just a shortened very of the word ”afternoon”.

So if David says that he will come around in the arvo then he means that he will be there sometime after Noon.

What does “hang a slash” mean?

To ”hang a slash” means, in short, for a guy to urinate. It is yet another one of those unusual Aussie sayings.

When a guy wishes to ”hang a slash” in Australia, he will use a toilet or if outside some of the local flora. The saying also lends itself in the latter example to another saying: ”watering the plants”.

When ”watering the plants”, some guys will stand there waving their urine around in the air, from left to right or vice versa, as if they were slashing their way through tall grass.

So now you know 🙂

Fair Dinkum and Dinky Di

Fair dinkum and dinky di in Australian slang means true, genuine, correct and other synonyms like that. So a fair dinkum, dinky di, true blue Aussie, for example, is a genuine Aussie citizen born in Australia with the accent and all.

More are in the links below.


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