Australia travel tips and information

Australia travel tips and information

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The following Australia travel tips and information are of a general nature. There are also Australia travel tips articles with specific information topics in the links below.

Australia has it all. There are of course iconic buildings and the world’s greatest harbour in Sydney. However, there is much more to see and do in Australia than that. Sun, surf and long, white sandy beaches are one of the most popular attractions. Amazing landscapes with geology that is almost as old as time can be seen in some parts of the country. Some of the rarest plants on the planet can be seen and so can some of the most unusual animals. Dry deserts and tropical rainforests are scattered throughout Australia as well.

There are specific activities that tourists often come here for. There are some of the world’s best scuba diving spots along the coastline. Surfing is an obvious attraction in Australia as well. There are some excellent golf courses if you wish to play golf in between sightseeing (check for reciprocal arrangements with other courses around the world). You can go cage shark diving in South Australia, or ride roller coasters in theme parks on the Gold Coast, and there are botanical and other gardens for garden tourists to see. That is just the start because there is so much more to see and do in Australia.

There are a range of accommodation options. Cheap camping in a tent or an ensuite cabin can be found in tourist parks. There are bed and breakfast homes all across the country. Motels and hotels are abundant and can cost less than $100 a night for a budget motel and around $150 a night for an inexpensive room in a budget to mid-range hotel.

Food is expensive, though, but plenty of tourists opt for the cheap and nasty junk food offerings. (Mind you some of those places have free wi-fi, as do areas in the city centre in most cities.) Restaurants are usually considered to be too expensive for the quality and quantity of the meal you order. There are smorgasbord options at some restaurants where you pay around $30 and eat as much as you like but you have to book first in advance. Many accommodation places do not offer a suitable kitchen to prepare and cook your own meal. Cabins and motels often do but hotels generally do not. Supermarkets are not always open late in some cities and rural towns. So planning ahead for your food requirements is a good idea.

Travel costs are also considered to be expensive in Australia. Here in Adelaide a single bus, tram and train trip can cost $5, which locals find to be expensive for the limited time that one has to use the ticket. There are the usual bus trips out to areas further away from the city if you need an inexpensive way to get around. Cheap flights are sometimes on offer between cities but generally a flight can cost several hundred dollars. Car rentals are less than $100 a day for a small car. More about renting cars is in the tourism section in Car hire Adelaide tips and pitfalls (it is the same advice across the country).

You should definitely buy travel insurance before you visit Australia because hospital bills, for example, can be expensive. More about the general travel insurance exclusions is in the tourism section in Travel insurance Australia – What travel insurance excludes.

The following internal site posts offer specific Australia travel tips and information that tourists may find helpful. The fuel price cycle changes all the time so if you rent a car just watch what prices are over a few days and see if they are coming down. Then fill up before the prices increases again. There is a little bit more information about buying food and also some information about tipping in Australia, plus emergency numbers information.

Australia travel tips and information

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