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This web site about Adelaide in South Australia was launched on February 21st, 2012. It offered only a forum while the blog section was being set up.

The forum offers a wide range of topics in which people can discuss many aspects of life in Adelaide, South Australia. There is also a Facebook page at Adelaide in South Australia which may prove to be more popular one day than the forum.

The blog section will be a bit of a tourist promotion type of area. However, it will also mention the negative as well as positive realities of living in Adelaide. There will also be some occasional news and opinion (that is hopefully not too ignorant).

Regular tourism web sites sugar coat everything but that will not always be the case here so be warned!

Much needs to change in this city and this site is one place where locals can express their views and vision for the future of Adelaide.

Email: adelaide@adelaide-southaustralia.com

Author briefing: see below.

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  1. Sebastian  - May 3, 2014 - 7:52 am
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    A few people have asked me who I am. My response is that this site and its associated Facebook page is not about me and my opinions. It is all here so that the public can express their opinions.

    My name is Sebastian Knight and I am a concerned citizen who has seen South Australia being neglected by successive state governments, and to an extent federal governments as well, in recent decades.

    I believe that something needs to change so that we can exploit what we have here in this state much better. This would benefit locals needing a job and also bring in more tourists.

    I have outlined on this site some of the areas that I have identified that need improvement in South Australia. At the same time I have promoted some of the positives about South Australia. Now it is up to the public to add their opinion, local knowledge and ideas.

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