About Adelaide Australia

About Adelaide Australia

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia, located along the southern central coastline of Australia. Adelaide used to be a city of churches but has also had a violent past giving the city a poor reputation internationally. Some of the old churches and other old buildings remain standing today. The violent past is largely gone but the reputation as incorrect as it is now remains sadly.

A struggle to reach your full potential in South Australia? looks at some of the main disincentives for living and doing business in South Australia. It is a nice state with plenty for tourists to see and do but living here can be a challenge for many people. One example for women is presented in the Births, deaths and marriages South Australia worrying trend opinion piece.

Below are some negatives and then positives. The truth might hurt but change is urgently required so the truth must be told!


Although some much more positive aspects of Adelaide will be mentioned shortly, here is a layman’s overview of some of the negative and unfortunate aspects of life in Adelaide today, just so you know what you are dealing with if you move there. It is embarrassing, yes, but the future lies with young people with better ideas and a willingness to better manage and change the face somewhat of this relaxed and easy going city. This site is here for discussion of that.

Housing Development

At least one recent conflict of interest has been exposed (in March 2013) as having occurred between property developers and the state government. The government completely ignored the community’s wishes to refrain from rezoning part of Mt. Barker to residential use. Not surprisingly, the developers won and now other similar developments ignoring the public’s wishes are underway in other parts of Adelaide. This potential corruption is part and parcel of life in Adelaide at the moment and the public is becoming used to their wishes being ignored by a public submissions process that is merely there to meet legalities but is then ignored.


The metropolitan area of Adelaide has what is considered by some of the public to be a poor road network and rural area roads are considered to be third world. Not enough money is spent on road infrastructure, maintenance and safety (it is usually a low priority for successive governments). Then there is the problem of road works occurring at the most brainless hours of the day during peak hour traffic. One of the most embarrassing road problems, though, is the Britannia roundabout where many people forget to give way to their right. No one has bothered to solve the problem there for decades.

Public Education

Public education standards have reached new lows. There are “super schools” that introduce cost inefficiencies and there are also lower teaching standards these days (even some teachers have poor spelling and grammar). Violence in schools is hushed up also but the media sometimes finds out. It is a sad culture of secrecy resulting from poor funding levels.

Electricity and Water

Electricity was deregulated in the 1990s by a state government using the incorrect theory that electricity costs would become lower. The result was, of course, the opposite due to the profit motive. The price of electricity is seen to be out of control now with price gouging, the carbon tax, and other cost burdens adding to the rising cost. Similarly, water pricing is, rather absurdly, based on the value of one’s property. The price of water is becoming too steep at the moment as well. These two areas need to be addressed by regulation and/or a class action by citizens, and also a change in law to eliminate the potentially fraudulent practice of tying water rates to property values.

Small Population, More Expensive

The biggest problem with South Australia (SA) is that the population of less than 2 million people is insufficient for governments and businesses to raise revenue from and profit from suitably. That means higher prices for everything, more taxes and unnecessary levies, and less small independent businesses being able to stay in their market.

South Australia is the highest taxed state, has the highest electricity and fuel costs, has an overvalued property market (by local standards) and has a manufacturing industry that no longer employs as many people as it once did.

Infrastructure, law enforcement, less business red tape and more local employment opportunities characterize the urgent needs of SA that still to this day are not being met due to the risk averse psyche that abounds and also financial mismanagement at several levels of government over the decades.


The above represent just some of the main negatives of life in SA and more may be added later. Here below, though, is a list of some of the positives with more to come from time to time to add to this list.

  • Adelaide is one of the world’s most liveable cities.
  • Adelaide has a relatively low crime rate by comparison to larger cities.
  • SA has world-renowned wine regions.
  • Reasonably easy to get around quickly in Adelaide, despite poor traffic management these days.
  • Adelaide has many beautiful beaches, parks, gardens and the hills close to the CBD.
  • It is a quiet city for most of the year, making it a perfect place for international students to study.

This page is more of a general introduction to the problems that this site will hopefully address, with the public’s input. It also mentions some positive aspects that will be explored a little more throughout this site in future.


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